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11 Jun / 2009 1,231 views

Benefits of Multicultural Workforce: Google Shows the Way in US

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As more and more companies have started recruiting people irrespective of their race, religion, gender and nationality, they are bound to face some of the common problems associated with Multicultural Workforce. The concept of “Multicultural Workforce” is gaining currency in the US, as a large number of US business conglomerates is recruiting people of different nations for operating their worldwide business smoothly. In reality, multicultural workforce is associated with a number of advantages that have overshadowed some of its trivial disadvantages like cultural difference, personality conflict and communication problem. Some of the unique benefits of multicultural workforce are specified below:

  • It gives a competitive edge.
  • It inspires high level of creativity and promotes innovation in the workplace.
  • Synchronization in workplace and high turn out.

Google has successfully incorporated the concept of multiculturalism in its work culture that has enabled it to promote innovation and to emulate its competitors in different fields. Half of the total Google’s employees at its Mountain View headquarter in the US are from overseas. Presently almost 2000 employees are working on temporary visas in Google out of a total number of 20000 employees and a large section of them have not born in the US. Google’s Mountain View office can be termed as a perfect showcase of international workforce and the rooms are named after some foreign cities to celebrate its multicultural workforce. Want to know more? Click here.

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