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14 Jul / 2008

Rising Market of Flash Designs

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The web world has been witnessing frequent technological developments all the time. The birth of World Wide Web and transformation of simple websites into dynamic ones are some of the notable examples of the advancement of web technology. The hi-tech development of indexing flash designs is one of the greatest feats of web technology in the 21’st century. Now, the search engine leader easily indexes flash designs. This new development has set forth a new trend in the web arena. Today, flash ...
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01 Jul / 2008

One Step Ahead: Google boosts flash indexing

Posted by : Under : Flash Website Design 2 Comments

Great News! Search Engine King moves ahead of its competitors. According to the official Google Blog , Google search engine robots can easily index flash files. Until few days ago, it was a very difficult to optimize a flash based website or other flash elements like flash intros, flash banners in a website. Although, the demand of flash websites increased in modern times but only a handful of them could reach the target audience. Web designers made beautiful flash web designs but that did not ...
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28 Apr / 2008

FLASH – Ways to work with Graphics

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Flash provides the power to create sophisticated custom graphics, that too, within a short period. Apart from creating graphics in Flash with the help of the tools, graphics can also be imported from other files. First, it is necessary to understand two different types of graphics, viz. Vector or Object-oriented graphics and Raster or Bitmap graphics. Vector Graphics/Object-oriented Graphics Vector graphics are made up of lines and curves that are defined by mathematical objects called Vectors...
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