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10 Oct / 2018

How To Find Out If Your PPC Agency Is Wasting Money?

PPC Agency

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“Without actionable data and clear metrics driven strategy, the marketing organization is being paid to guess.” – Team Position2 The Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) based PPC campaign seems to have become the go-to area for businesses to generate leads and achieve ROI. So, did your business outsource its marketing campaign to some PPC agency in the hope of achieving the above mentioned objectives? Even though a professional PPC agency is expected to deliver results, are you sure th...
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23 Aug / 2018

How to set up PPC Campaign on Google Adwords’ new interface

PPC Campaign on Google Adwords new interface

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‘Good marketing makes the company looks smart, great marketing makes the customer feel smart,’ Joe Chernov. In the competitive business environment, the best way to achieve your business objectives is by leveraging the time and tested Google AdWords. Yes, the AdWords based search campaign is your best shot to let your website speak about the products and services to the target customers, which is arguably way better and effective than any other marketing approach. The successful implemen...
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