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15 Feb / 2020

Can Website Design Influence PPC Performance?

PPC Services

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PPC (Pay Per Click) is all about ad copy, keyword bids, and conversion tracking. Wrong. Though it may sound surprising, your website design can impact PPC performance as well. Website designing is not only about the aesthetic appeal of the site but also about the overall performance of your business. Increasing CTR (Click Through Rate) on your ad is indeed the first step in a paid search campaign. But everything that happens after the click is equally, or perhaps more important. I...
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31 Dec / 2019

Effective PPC Trends You Must Follow in 2020

PPC Trends You Must Follow in 2020

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Once it comes to PPC (Pay-per-Click), you seek for instant results. And according to a survey by Bluelist, paid search ads can increase brand awareness by a whopping 80%. However, as the trends in digital marketing are changing rapidly, you need to spend your budget efficiently in order to meet your business objectives. The only way to do this is by adopting the latest PPC strategies. No worry. We have got you covered. Learn these PPC trends you are going to witness in 2020 so that you can im...
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04 Dec / 2019

Importance of Display Ads in PPC

Display Ads in PPC

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One of the common payment plans and digital marketing tools available to businesses is PPC (Pay-Per-Click). It is a model of online marketing where advertisers have to pay a fee to the search engine every time their ads get a click. The major benefit of PPC is that it allows you to reach the right audience as the campaign ads are shown to those who are actively searching for the products and services related to yours. Hence, it helps to boost traffic to your website and drive more conversions by...
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