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04 Mar / 2020

What Are The Social Media Trends Of 2020?

Social media marketing services

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According to a report, internet users spent a daily average time of 144 minutes on social media networking in 2019, which is, of course, greater than the time spent on social media in the preceding years (Source: This trend tells us that social media is here to make waves thereby impacting people and their browsing habits like never before. As social media usage is expected to increase, you have to strategize a marketing campaign that aligns with this trend to produce effective re...
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01 Nov / 2019

How to Calculate Social Media ROI

Social Media ROI

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Though social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are amazing platforms to promote your business, they do not have the requisite tools to track costs, actions and results. This is where Social Media ROI (Return on Investment) can play a major role. What is Social Media ROI? Return on Investment or ROI refers to the ratio between the net profit and the cost of investment. Calculating ROI by revenue is based on the following formula: ROI percentage = Revenue / Investment...
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15 Jul / 2019

An Infographic On The Role Of The Social Media In Business

Social Media For Business - An Infographic

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The growth of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram among others has seen customers using them in large numbers. Since advertising is about reaching out to your target customers in the most effective manner, social media can be said to be the new medium. As a business, you can leverage the social media by engaging social media marketing services to stay competitive and achieve ROI. You can do this by creating a social media account for your business and curate ...
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09 May / 2019

What Is The Importance Of Facebook Ads In Ecommerce?

Facebook Ads For Ecommerce Store

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While you may use Facebook as a social media platform to connect and interact with your family, friends or colleagues, post pictures and comments or browse through sundry details, you may be surprised to know that it has emerged as a viable advertising platform for businesses, including eCommerce. This is more relevant for startups that look to expand their business but do not have the required spending power to generate leads in a short span of time. Since going the organic way to generate lead...
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16 Jan / 2019

How Can Social Media Hashtags Help Your Business In 2019

Social Media Hashtags in 2019

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Hashtags have been around for almost over a decade now and influence to a large extent the social media behaviour of the present generation. From drawing the attention of voters during elections, to getting people react to events to prompting movements like the trending #metoo, hashtags have become an important part of our social language. An article in the Review At NYU dubs these the “linguistic innovation in 21st century....” (Source:
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