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03 Apr / 2009

Different Types of Web Design Layouts

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In this age of advanced technology, a website is considered to be one of the most effective tools for promotion and advertisement. So, while developing a website, its design and layout should be given emphasis. It is always advisable to use unique design in a website otherwise, the site will loose its originality and people will also loose their interest to go through it. Though in recent times, different types of website design layouts remain available, among them, the most used web page layou...
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31 Mar / 2009

How Web Design Can Affect Search Engine Rankings

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In most of the time it is seen that a well-designed website gets good ranking in a search engine result page. So, while designing a website, the designer must consider certain points. Some of the points following which, a designer can make a search-engine friendly website are mentioned below: Inserting Maximum Number of Web Pages- While making a website, always try to insert maximum number of informative web pages in your site. This is because search engines love content and the site, whi...
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26 Mar / 2009

Importance of a Site Map in a Website

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Site map is basically a catalog that includes all sections of a website. In most of the time, small descriptions of every section is also inserted in a site map. This makes the visitors' search easier and help them to find their needed information within a fraction of second. It is also seen that a site map can raise a site's position in the search systems. Important Elements in a Site Map Some of the important elements that a site map should contain are mentioned below: A site map is c...
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25 Mar / 2009

Important Steps for Website Design and Development

Posted by : Under : Web Design Services 3 Comments

Website has an important role to play in the online promotion of an organization's goods and services. It is an effective tool that has the capability to develop a positive brand image. So, while creating a website, the web developers must adopt certain strategies. Stages of Website Creation Some of the important steps, following which, a quality website can be developed are mentioned below: (more…)...
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09 Feb / 2009

Shopping Cart Web Design

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With the course of time as online marketing is acquiring more and more acceptance from the people across the world, shopping cart designing is also becoming popular. Shopping cart is basically a software that serves as a catalog as well as an ordering process of an online store. The primary work of this software is to facilitate transaction over net. In today's world, most of the people remain so busy with their work schedule that they hardly can take out time for visiting shops. So, now-a-days...
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18 Jun / 2008

Your Ideal Check List before Web Designing

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Today, online business is on high-rise. Website owners are vying among themselves to make a mark in the web market. There is a craze to build informative and interesting web design in order to make it more appealing to the web visitors and the search engines. Exquisite designs, flash works and quality content have become the primary means of designing websites. In fact, all web developers follow these basic conventions while web designing. For instance, ‘Webguru India’ is a web solutions co...
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