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26 Jul / 2018

10 Must Have Features For Your Property Listing Website

10 Features For Your Property Listing Website

Posted by : Under : Website Development Company 5 Comments

“The best investment on earth is earth,”Louis Glickman The dynamism and interactive nature of the web platform have influenced every possible business domain including real estate. The highly competitive real estate sector has seen both individual customers and businesses lining up to buy, sell, rent or lease properties. And a robust, responsive, informative, and feature rich website can go a long way in addressing the requirements of both the customer segments. If you happen to be a real...
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24 Jul / 2018

How Important is Page Optimization To Meet Google Ranking?

Importance of Page Optimization

Posted by : Under : Website Development Company 7 Comments

“You have got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology,” Steve Job. The breakneck speed at which digital transformation has been embraced by business enterprises and other entities at the global level is only to be marvelled at. This has come about owing to factors such as changing business dynamics and customer preferences, the advent of advanced technologies, new web design trends, and a faster internet bandwidth. With IT enabled products and services p...
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30 Apr / 2018

Top 5 Web Application Frameworks to Enhance a Website in 2018

5 Web Application Frameworks 2018

Posted by : Under : Website Development Company 11 Comments

With the growing versatility of the online space, the web app-building process has become even more complex. In today’s world, a basic online presence of a brand is not sufficient to reach the maximum number of customers as the latter prefer websites that are navigable, functional and updated according to the latest technological trends. This makes it crucial for the web developers to be acquainted with the latest web application development frameworks to enhance the user experience. However, ...
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13 Apr / 2018

How Can The Web Development Trends of 2018 Impact Businesses?

Web Development Trends 2018

Posted by : Under : Website Development Company 11 Comments

The trends in web development are known to change a lot faster compared to the speed at which they are implemented. This is why it is necessary for any business to be in a leading position in this game. Technology is evolving constantly and a number of new developments are responsible for influencing the web world. These developments include OpenStack, Progressive Web Apps, Rust, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Cloud and much more. There are various web technology platforms that are known to ...
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24 Jan / 2018

Latest Web Development Trends In 2018 for A Better UX

Web Development Trends

Posted by : Under : Website Development Company 8 Comments

‘The only important thing about trends is how they relate to people’ aptly describes in its own terse way as to why and how trends should be followed or otherwise. Have you been following up on the top web development trends of 2018? If not, then surely you are missing something that might help you to create a better connect with your clients and end customers. Moreover, a new trend more often than not brings something new to the existing web design by making it more functional. In all li...
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24 Feb / 2017

Importance of Page Load Speed in 2017

Page Load Speed

Posted by : Under : Website Development Company 13 Comments

Introduction Page load speed is the length of time required to display all the contents of the page. Web page load speed is a key factor that enhances user experience and positively impacts search engine rankings. Slower page response results in page abandonment. On an average, a web page is expected to load in 2 seconds. Any longer than 3 seconds, users tend to abandon the website. Slower page response results in higher page abandonment. Furthermore, page abandonment is amplified by the over...
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17 Nov / 2016

Accelerated Mobile Page and Its Future Prospects

Accelerated Mobile Page

Posted by : Under : Website Development Company 4 Comments

There are numerous places around the world where internet penetration is quite low and which are in the early stages of digitization. It is specifically for such places that major tech companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook are actively investing to create new products and services. One of the latest advancements in the field of search is Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP, through which Google and Twitter intend to deliver insanely fast web pages on mobile devices. The company has already sta...
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10 Feb / 2012

Drupal – How Web Programming Can Benefit or Lose from it

Posted by : Under : Website Development Company No Comments

Drupal is an open-source CMS (content management system) which has earned quite a significant popularity with its features. By using Drupal, you can create complex websites easily because there is a Drupal community to give you any kind of assistance in the designing and web programming process. It also offers an array of modules. First, let's take a look at the advantages of using Drupal - It is an open-source platform. It is extremely customizable, which gives you the freedom to cre...
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02 Aug / 2011

A Light over the Popularity of JavaScript

Posted by : Under : Website Development Company No Comments

Today’s web application development is not bound with simple information exhibition. It comes with more interactive things. Efficiency is counted here on how attractively you showcase the data in a website in a user-friendly atmosphere. Some basic web development needs bring JavaScript with more significant weight in web-design issues. JavaScript Exhibits Maximum Information in a Region which Occupies Fewer Pixels Onscreen: Some examples: News ticker It is a frequently used JavaScr...
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01 Jul / 2011

4 Simple Design Ideas to Improve Your Website’s Performance

Posted by : Under : Website Development Company 1 Comment

Most website designers I know can’t wait to finish a project. All it takes is a positive feedback from the client and the site to go live before they slump relaxed on their beds. That’s okay because website design can sometimes be quite energy draining, especially with crazy clients breathing down your neck with crazier design ideas. However, the problem with this approach is the ever-changing web landscape. Designs that convert today might not convert tomorrow. Sometimes, they might not ...
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