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Ecommerce Website Redesign: Essential Considerations

Ecommerce Website Redesign: Essential Considerations

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Unless your online store is equipped with trendy features and functionalities, chances of conversion are really low. If this thought leads you to redesign your e-store, we really appreciate that. But redesigning an eCommerce website is more challenging than it sounds. Below, we will outline some of the best practices you should consider while redesigning your e-store.

Redesign Your E-Store: Action Steps

Don’t Discard all the Existing Elements

Some elements in your e-store are evergreen. They don’t need a change. Therefore, before opting for an eCommerce website development, make a list of the features that are working well for you.

A site heatmap will come in handy here. With it, you can analyze which features are driving more clicks and where people are bouncing. Depending on the findings, plan your redesigning process.

Competitor Analysis

Studying what your competitors are doing will keep you ahead in the race. And when it comes to eCommerce, giants like Amazon or Walmart can be the source of inspiration. You can also check out niche-specific e-store and find out what is working for them and whatnot.

While you need not blindly copy all the elements, you can always make a list of some beneficial features and integrate them into your website. If the users have found it helpful in others’ websites, these may work for you as well.

Advanced Site Search Functionality

If your site was built years ago, there is a high chance that the site search feature is outdated. It may not show recommendations when people are searching for something.

Integrate an advanced site search equipped with an intelligent autocomplete functionality. It will highly enhance the user experience.

Responsive Design

If your site was built long back, it may not have a responsive design. But today, more than half of the traffic comes to a website from a mobile device. Without a responsive design, the users will face difficulty in shopping.

Therefore, make sure to engage a professional website development company to build your store. The experts will ensure that your site can be properly accessed with cross devices. Imagine the number of traffic you can retain and lead to conversion!

Aspire for Scalability

Now that you are thinking of redesigning your online store, pay attention to increasing scalability. Site scalability supports your business growth.

A scalable eCommerce website can handle more traffic and will allow you to increase product pages or other features without any hassle. For instance, Magento is a scalable eCommerce platform. If yours is built on a different platform, you may want to hire Magento developers to migrate your store to Magento without losing its existing data.

Product Visuals and Details

Redesigning your e-store is not only about the features and functionalities. Pay attention to enhancing product descriptions as well. For instance, if your store had a single unappealing picture of the product, discard that in favour of some attractive images snapped from different angles, zoom-in feature, product video, or 360-degree product view.

The same thing is applicable for product details. Make sure to elaborate on the features and benefits of the products. The more extensive the description, the more credible the product.


Since an eCommerce website is a repository of personal details like address, contact information, credit/debit card details, and so on, potential shoppers prefer to use trustworthy sites.

Therefore, pay attention to obtain an SSL certificate for your e-store. Further, the site should exhibit trust badges such as Norton, McAfee, Better Business Bureau, and so on. These seals of antivirus or business credibility encourage people to shop from your store. If you use popular payment gateways like PayPal, PayUmoney, etc., you can also showcase their logos as certification.

Test Frequently

To maintain optimal user experience on the e-store, it’s important to test frequently. Make sure that the performance of the site is top-notch. Rigorous testing will help you to identify any glitch and fix the issues.
Also, while talking about testing, let us quickly mention A/B testing. It involves your users. Pay attention to the colour that your users prefer or the button copy that drives conversion.

As you can understand, redesigning an eCommerce website demands adequate tech expertise, time, and effort. If you don’t want to get involved in any hassle, it’s better to engage professional web developers. Check out website design cost in India here.

We hope our blog gave you an actionable strategy to get started. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Soumi Bhattacharya

Soumi Bhattacharya

Soumi Bhattacharya is an experienced content developer & a keen observer of all things digital. Analyzing the latest trends in technology is her forte.

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