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Future Trends for Logo Design and Brand Identity

  • 26 Dec / 2014

Brand identity and logo design are interrelated concepts and fall under the domain of corporate identity. Logo design of an organization is a visual representation of its identity in the corporate world. It forms an indispensable element in determining the success of the organization. Often through a logo, a particular brand is able to convey a certain message to its customers. Identity of the brand is also related to the logo with which people can easily recognize the company.

Corporate Identity encompasses a complete image or face of an organization and is, thus, useful to identify the same for the diverse public that is inclusive of customers, employees and investors. Basically, it relates to the manner in which activities, products and services of a company are viewed and perceived by the public.

Brands and brand identity are united together by the logo. Brands, generally, are always about experiences with the logo being its face. Designs always articulate the experience and act as the key driver of decisions that determine consumer purchases. In this digital age, the task of branding has got a new dimension with the use of several tools. The future of branding is dependent to a great extent on the effective utilization of these tools and awareness about the future trends. The incorporation of these trends in the logo determines the growth of the brand identity in the future.

Some of these trends are as follows:

Use of Reels and Musical Notes

It is fairly expected that the symbols from the domain of mass media are going to be used greatly in the near future, specifically, for the organizations catering to digital media that have to deal with music and movies. Such symbols by 2015 are expected to become more versatile.

Use of Black and White Colors

The combination of black and white always stands out and makes its presence felt. It is expected to make a comeback in 2015 as the designers wish to stray from the vibrant colors. The classic use of black and white results in a bold typographic statement. The use of these two colors has almost been a tradition but using the combination in the right places makes a mark even to this day. Such a classic combination is a trend that is surely going to stay in the near future as well.

Use of Rectangles and Basic Shapes

The design of the logo changes with the change in the tastes and preferences of the people. An organization has to maintain the trend that is in vogue in the market. Presently, the shift was all on hexagons irrespective of the industry an organization is catering to. The future is expected to witness the use of rectangles both in the vertical and horizontal spheres.

The use of basic shapes is also another aspect in logo design that the future is expected to unfold. Use of basic shapes in designing of company logo leaves a significant impact on the same. The simplicity inherent in the basic geometrical shapes makes the logos stand out and are often more stylish than the ones that are purposely decorated.

Use of Mosaic Pattern

Mosaic patterns are becoming popular slowly in logo design activities and are sure to be in prime use in the future as well. The mosaic patterns are generally used to represent key concepts of value, growth and that of coming together or unification, numerical strength and multicultural orientation. In this type of logos, the mosaic pattern is used in a very sophisticated manner with the involvement of few elements for structuring the arrangement.

Use of Dual Colors and Simplification

Mono colored logo that is logos designed with the use of a single color often are boring and monotonous the use of dual color tones down the monotony. Keeping the logo simple enough is another trend that the future is expected to follow.

Combining Fiery Red and Sweet Orange

It is expected that in 2015, irrespective of the industry in which an organization belongs to, designers will be incorporating the interesting shades of sweet orange and fiery red to make the logos interesting enough.

Companies across the globe are making conscious efforts to strengthen their brand identity. The future of brand identity in a broader sense depends on the style of the modern logos that can change with the development of new trends and media. The brand identity in the future may be focused on to being detailed and rich one to highlight the uniqueness of the same.

With the rapid advancement of technology and awareness of online presence, there is a scope of the branding identity to become more flexible and prominent. Designing of the logo is a crucial task as it needs to merge several essential elements in it. It needs to give out the message of the organization so as to stand out as the flag bearer of what the company does.

Raju Chakraborty

Raju Chakraborty

The CEO of WebGuru Infosystems, Mr. Raju Chakraborty writes from a place of experience on websites, app development, and digital marketing.


  1. I read the blog and thoroughly enjoyed reading it!!!Some useful insights into the future trends of logo design….keep it up!!!

  2. All the best, Rock stars!!! May all your projects be superbly superior. about LOGO DESIGN and branding, keep it up.

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