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Google Instant Search: Search Web As You Type, Not After

  • 09 Sep / 2010

Google is good at delivering search results instantly so what the heck is all about Google Instant Search? Google Instant search is basically a new feature that is purely based on the assumptions of the users behavior and it gives random suggestions on probable search queries that users may find useful or interesting while typing certain words in Google search box.  So, with Google Instant, you are about to get a preview of search result of a search  query while you are typing.  But was it not there in Google? Then what is new about it?

Wait ! Have you checked how the search results is getting changed automatically whenever you choose a particular search query from the list of drop-down queries. Google Instant search is using a new autocomplete technology for showing probable search results of predicted search terms even when you are not hitting the Search button.

So, what purpose does it serve?

  • It relives your from making searches with different combinations of keywords since now on you will be able to get a fair idea of the probable outcome of a particular search query thanks to the newly introduced Google Instant Search.
  • Webmasters are likely to notice a significant rise in Impressions in Google Webmaster Tools as your website will appear each time a user start typing a keyword that is somehow related to your website.
  • Users will be able to save their time and effort since they will now have a preview of different search queries.
  • Google Instant is expected to cut down average time that users spend for making a search in Google so far. Users are likely to save at least 2 to 5 seconds each time they search with Google Instant.
  • Power users are definitely going to adore it, since it much faster and smarter than previous Google search.

Will It work in all Platforms or in all conditions?
Definitely not. This new feature has been rolled out for web searches and that means, you are not going to try this in your cell phone for the time being. One more thing, if your internet connection is slow, Google might make this feature invisible.

Google Instant search might not work with those queries, which are considered to be offensive or lewd.

So far so good but still you may find it utterly disgusting and want to get rid of this thing as soon as possible. So, here it goes.

Disabling Google Instant

Google knows that it cannot make everyone happy with a new product and which is why there is an option to disable this feature in Google Search. There is a small link to the right of the Google search Box that bears these three words: “Instant is on”. Just click on to that link and choose “Instant is Off”.

There is an alternative way making it off permanently. Go to Google search preferences and you will find there an option to make it disable for once and all.

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