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Use Google Page Speed Service to Load Your Website Faster

Of the many factors that Google considers for deciding the ranking of a website in SERPs is page loading time.

Last year, for the benefit of webmasters, the search engine giant launched the Page Speed web optimization service, starting their venture with Page Speed browser extensions, later online Page Speed tool and finally, the Page Speed service. Just a few days ago, Google updated the service and added a rewriter to make websites faster.

This rewriter, which according to Google “Cache and Prioritize Visible Content”, optimizes three things in a site to make it faster.

  • First, the rewriter identifies the objects that can’t be cached and then caches rest of the page elements.
  • Second, as web users pay highest attention to content above-the-fold, as do search engines, the tool makes sure that above-the-fold content loads faster than below-the-fold content to enable viewers to read important data quickly, without waiting for the entire page to load.
  • Finally, it does not allow JavaScript loading until all the visible elements of a page is loaded.
  • Page Speed is at present an invitation only service.
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