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02 Jun / 2009 649 views

Google’s Search Option: What Purpose Do They Serve?

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Sorting out relevant result has always been topped in the priority list of the major search engines. Google has somewhat succeeded in generating relevant result by analyzing the content of websites and by updating its algo on regular basis. However, there was still something missing as a large number of users were facing a number of problems while finding out relevant information. Google has been listening to it and has offered a sound solution at last.

No more irrelevant result because Google has rolled out a complete new set of search options that will definitely change the way we use to surf before. This feature, if it becomes popular, will give other search engines a run for their money. Thanks to this latest improvement, now users will be able to specify their query while searching in Google by selecting any of the available options. In reality, integration of these options is nothing but an attempt by Google to shift its attention from other things to what the users want. As this update is going to have a long lasting impact on the domain of search engine marketing, everyone should remain aware of the ins and outs of these options as far as possible.

Here in this article we will take a close look at these new features to find out their immanent impact and how they are going to help you to weed out irrelevant result.

The top most option is video. This simply means that you have to optimize a video for securing top ranking in this option. The popularity of video has increased rapidly in the past few years, which might have encouraged Google to put this option right on the top. You can utilize YouTube, if you want to reap the benefits of this search option. Users can enjoy a number of sub potions that will definitely help a user to specify his query by selecting the duration of the video such as long, medium or short.

Forum is the next option. If you really want to exploit this search option of Google, you need to join in different forums and to participate in diverse types of discussions. A forum is above and all an online platform where you can promote your website. As this option will sort out result from different forums, you have to employ your marketing tactics in it as far as possible.

However, you should not join in a forum and started spamming it. It will be a gross violation of the set rules and regulations. You can participate in various discussions related to your business which will give you enough scope to promote your website or business organization without transgressing the rules of the forums. If you can manage to abide by these rules, you will definitely be able to rank well in this search option.

Review is another important option that that should be adequate attention. Try to get your products or services reviewed as much as possible. You can review the product or service of other websites or organization as well that will help your website to show up in the search result. Do not make a halfhearted attempt while writing reviews of others otherwise it can have a disastrous result. Try to incorporate facts and information while writing reviews, which will definitely help you in the long run.

However, it will be better if you can manage to encourage people to write reviews about your service or products. Apart from searching reviews, users can further specify the search result by sorting them by year, week, hour etc. However, it will not be possible for you to secure high rank in all these options but you should discard it altogether. While writing a review, you have to ensure the fact that the pages where the review will be published has the word “review” either in the content or in the tag.

Images from the Page
This option will allow images to appear simultaneously with the search result. One interesting thing is that this option generates different search result as compared to web search or image seach.

More Text
You can have this option under the option “Images from the Text”. Basically, this option generates the same result like the regular search but with a difference. A long snippet is associated with the search result, which is the only difference.

Related Searches
Content makes the difference in the option “Sort by option”. You will get a number of related search options, which you could term as suggestions. Basically, there is no difference between the web search and the related searches save the users will get more suggestions as “related searches” as compared to web search.

Wonder Wheel
This option is more or less similar to that of related searches. The only difference is that here the options will be presented through a diagram like format. Just click any of the options of the wonder wheel and it will generate a series of hyper linked search phrases in the similar pattern. This search option will allow users to make quick decision.


By using this option, you will be able to scan result pages in reference to the dates mentioned in the text of those pages. Apart from that, it will render a graphical presentation of the volume of pages that will agree with the timeline. The good thing about this search option is that, user will be able to view old content without making a diligent search. You can narrow down search result further by specifying it further. It will be interesting to see how some terms have undergone a rapid transformation in the past few years. Just search with the term apple and you will discover something really interesting.

By unveiling these search options, Google once again tries to give topmost priority to the user friendly feature of a website. The only thing you have to remember is that you have to optimize a website not just for the search engines but for the users as well. You have to strike the right cord by making a perfect balance between search engine optimization and user friendliness. If you manage can do it, you will definitely be able to make a difference in coming years.

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