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How to Design an Effective Brochure?

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A brochure is basically a leaflet advertisement. It is used as a marketing tool that provides important information to the people regarding an organization’s goods and services. It is true that a brochure talks on behalf of a company’s products and services. So, while designing it, one needs to be very careful. Through an effective brochure, intended message is conveyed to the right people and thus it helps to attain the ultimate goal of a business corporation.

Useful Tips for Brochure Design

Some of the points that should be remembered while designing a brochure are mentioned below:

  • Avoid writing more than 10 lines of type in each paragraph.
  • Write only 2-3 sentences in each paragraph.
  • Paragraphs, which do not have space in between them, should not be indented.
  • It is better to avoid mentioning numbers in the first sentence of a paragraph.
    (Example- Write sixty percent of the students instead of 60% of the students).
  • Proper spacing after periods is necessary.
  • In order to emphasize a point do not use all caps. Underlining a sentence should also be avoided. Instead one can use italics or bold.

Structure of a Corporate Brochure Design

Brochure design requires artistic skill as well as careful attention. There are different types of structure. One among them is “ragged right”. In this structure, words line up evenly on the left side, but on the right hand side, the words are not placed evenly. This is considered to be the most preferred structure of a brochure.

In a justified text each line of type is of same length. So, it is quite expected that the eyes of the readers’ will get tired and bored. However, the ragged edge offers a variety in the structure and breaks the monotony of a justified type. So, it is always better to use ragged right rather than justified type.

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