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How to Impress Clients with Your Logo Design Business

  • 09 Dec / 2014
Impress Clients with Logo Design

In this highly competitive graphic design industry, you are well aware of the fact that, someone is always there waiting to grab a business opportunity away from you. So, you need come up with some interesting and innovative ways to keep your clients impressed at all times and increase chances of repeat business. In the present day economy, delighting your client is one of the most important things for the overall success of your business. Provided here are some unique ways through which you can not only impress client but, ensure that they choose your logo design service at all times.


Add a Freebie

Any freebie that you offer to your client creates a good impression about your logo design business. Suppose your client needs a new business logo along with a brochure. If you can manage to provide your client with a ‘free’ letterhead design then, wouldn’t it work wonders for your service? Surely, it will. Though, clients may say that they don’t like unexpected surprises but, such surprises are definite to ‘wow’ them.

Go Beyond their Expectations

When it’s time for you to design a unique logo for your client, there are several things which need to be considered to provide the best possible design. It is common practice among logo designers to create print files of the logo and provide only .eps files to the clients. But, if you really want to exceed the expectations of your clients then, you can also provide them with a black & white version, a simplified version as well as a transparent PNG version for use across different mediums. This will not only reduce the efforts of the client in the future but, make them feel that you really do care for their business.

Delivering Before the Deadline

When you deliver a project before the expected deadline to a client, it creates a feeling of trust and admiration for your logo design business. This is a practice which you can follow especially for your repeat customers. Though, it may not be possible for you to prioritize in such a way every time but, you can follow this practice whenever you feel there is an opportunity to do so. It makes your clients happy and they feel that you really do care about their business.

Make It a Point to Follow Up

It is the case with majority of businesses where the clients pay the money, the job is done by experts and that’s it. It is always a better idea to follow up with the clients not immediately after the job is done but, may be a few weeks later. You can ask them how they feel about the new logo design or how their customers are feeling about the new design. You can also inquire about any further requirements like a website, brochure design, flyer design, etc. which can lead to new opportunities for your business.

Provide Your Clients with Different Payment Modes

Clients always love it when they are being offered different payment options and don’t keep them restricted only to a few options. Clients always get concerned when it comes to payment so, offering them with convenient and fair terms should be a top priority for your business. You can allow your clients to make payments via PayPal, credit card and checks. When clients are given the opportunity to make payments in a hassle free manner where they do not have to think about making special arrangements or go through complicated procedures, it creates a good impression about your business.

Holiday Greetings and Discounts

Similar to what you do for your near and dear ones during the holidays, do remember your clients also and send them holiday greetings. This can be considered as a personal touch that can boost the business relationship between you and your client.

Occasionally, you can also introduce holiday season discounts which can turn out to be a great surprise for your clients as well as help with your business promotion and growth.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your clients impressed about your business is no doubt a hard task. However, with a little bit of effort and dedication you can definitely come up with new and innovative ideas to keep clients interested in your business. This helps to keep your business going at a steady rate and increase chances of clients returning back to avail your services.

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  1. Some interesting ideas expressed through this blog. This is quite informative and I love the way everything has been summed up in the article. Way to go!!

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