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How To Select The Top SEO Company

  • 25 Feb / 2019
Top SEO Company

With more number of customers moving online to look for information, products or services, businesses want their websites to get high visibility. This has brought into sharp focus the utility of Search Engine Optimization or SEO in letting websites feature high on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). If statistics are to be believed then around 50% of mobile users visit physical stores within one day after doing an online search (Source: Google 2018.)

The rush to rank high on SERPs and generate effective leads have increased the demand for SEO services. This has crowded the market with scores of SEO agencies promising to let your website feature high on Google and other search engines. This is where you, as a business owner, should choose the right SEO service provider that has the requisite experience and expertise to deliver the goods. This is of utmost importance, for the rewards of running a successful SEO campaign can let your business stay ahead of your competitors by generating more user traffic. So, how to separate the grain from the chaff or select the top SEO agency from the ones making exaggerated claims?

How to choose the top SEO agency?

Let us take you through the steps to help you choose the top SEO agency. However, let us first understand what SEO is all about.

What does the term SEO mean?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is about impacting the online visibility of your website or web page(s) on a search engine’s organic results. This involves the judicious use of SEO techniques following thorough research and analysis. The SEO techniques comprise activities such as on page optimization, backlink building, website analysis, keyword research, content marketing, competitor’s analysis, and social media integration, among others. The idea behind SEO is to garner more user traffic for your website when it is listed high in a Search Engine Result Page. Thus, more the user traffic greater is the opportunity for your business to convert them into customers.

How can the right SEO company in India help your business

  • Rank your website prominently on SERPs using relevant keywords.
  • Offer greater visibility to your website.
  • Garner more traffic and proper business leads.
  • Now comes the most important section as to how your business can choose the best SEO company.

Steps to choose the top SEO agency

Ranking of the SEO agency: Let’s put it this way, the SEO agency responsible for putting your site prominently on SERPs should have its site ranked reasonably well. For if the agency does not know how to put its own website up the order, how can it be expected to garner a good ranking for your site?

Experience: Since SEO is a complex job requiring the right skills, the SEO company to be chosen should have the experience to understand and execute the job well. When a digital agency handles a number of client portfolios for a reasonable period of time, it gains enough domain knowledge to understand the challenges and develops sufficient expertise to address them.

Social media followers: Leveraging social media platforms is one of the important SEO techniques to drive traffic and promote a brand. Thus, it is important for the SEO agency to have a number of social media followers. Again, if the SEO agency cannot garner a sufficient number of social media followers for itself, how can it be expected to create traffic for your brand on social media platforms.

Client portfolio: Choose an SEO company in India that has an impressive list of clients across industry verticals. The number of clients (more the merrier) and the range of verticals would indicate the level of credibility and expertise the SEO company enjoys and possesses. Importantly, greater credibility comes from the number of SEO driven solutions delivered by the company to its clientele.
Based on the above mentioned criteria, you can shortlist 2-3 SEO services and further narrow down your search. Finally, choose the right one by considering a few parameters.

Ease of communication: Once you outsource your digital marketing campaign to a top SEO agency, you need to be in constant touch with the latter. This is where the ease of communication helps you to understand the progress of your campaign and measure results. If the SEO agency dilly dallies or does not communicate its plan of action to you properly, you can end up pinching yourself for making the wrong choice.

Team strength: The SEO agency should have the adequate team strength to handle your SEO job. The SEO experts should get sufficient time and leeway to understand, analyse, and drive your digital marketing campaign for better results. Remember, the SEO agency with a fewer number of marketers (read overburdened) shall struggle with achieving your business goals.

Sample reports: Ask for a few sample reports or case studies to understand the type and modus-operandi of SEO work carried out by the SEO agency for a slew of clients across verticals. The reports would give you an insight into the expertise (or the lack of it) the agency possesses or promises.

Blogs: Since content would play an important role in executing the SEO plan for your business, you should go through the in-house blogs published by the agency on its website. The level of writing and diversity of topic shall help to gauge the expertise of the SEO agency you are going to work with.

Cost: Digital marketing using SEO is supposedly cost effective compared to the traditional form of marketing. Find out the cost of executing your campaign based on your business imperatives and objectives. It is important to understand here that not all low cost campaigns are less than effective and vice versa.

A well run SEO campaign can help your business in myriad ways. It is thus important to choose the best SEO service provider to get the value for money. To achieve the best results for your digital marketing campaign in a cost effective manner, consider the above mentioned criteria and select the top SEO agency in India.

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WebGuru Infosystems

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  1. A popular and successful digital marketing has a base of happy customers and clients. So, you must check the work samples of the SEO firm you are willing to deal with. This will give you an insight of their capabilities, enabling you to choose a competent SEO firm.By the way Thanks for wonderful post.

  2. As we know google prefers SEO-friendly site. Therefore, make your site SEO-friendly and get the better results.

  3. There are various opinion and arguments among experts about attracting good traffic for a site or blog. But most of them conclude with using several tactics in a single web page for the achievement of the desired result in On-Page SEO, link building and blog posting.
    If one has lots of well-built backlinks and still unable to attract the search engine traffic and rankings as expected, then there might be a likelihood of more than a few on page issues that are holding the site back. In this case, one has to be trained properly or communicate with an SEO expert to find out any potential SEO problems. Previously single page optimization single-handedly manages to afford higher rankings, but nowadays it has been changed more like avoiding unwanted things which can demote the site rankings. SEO algorithm has been updated with years and it becomes more conditional than it was in two to three years ago.

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  6. Based on their past records you need to select best SEO company however you can judge on their experience too which matters while choosing them beside this you can also focus on their communication skills which are also important thing after it.

  7. As we all know that SEO is the best practice of getting an optimal ranking of a website on search engines but choosing a professional SEO company for the job is also a big task. This article will help all of us a lot to find the right SEO company from whom we can get the best SEO services.

  8. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge . This is really helpful and informative.

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  12. A worthy article on how to choose an SEO company for assigning the task. But selecting out of many available agencies requires analyses which again a laborious process. So selecting based on reference is the best way i feel.

  13. Since SEO is a complex job requiring the right skills, the SEO company to be chosen should have the experience to understand and execute the job well. When a digital agency handles a number of client portfolios for a reasonable period of time, it gains enough domain knowledge to understand the challenges and develops sufficient expertise to address them.

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  21. It’s a necessity for business survival and growth. Yet, many companies find it challenging to enhance their online visibility effectively, which can lead to missed opportunities in traffic and potential conversions

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