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Latest Trends to Follow Before You Create a Website in 2022

  • 24 Nov / 2021
Website Development Company

In today’s digital era, a fully functional website is of critical importance and a necessity. With customers seeking a range of products and services online, if your website is not performing at its optimal level, then you are missing out on a lot!

Remember, there is nothing scarier than an outdated website in today’s highly competitive business environment.

However, you are never too late to build an advanced website! For that here is your guide from the top experts of a website development company on how to create a performing website that can draw potential customers to your website and also, keep them engaged!

Technologies are fast-changing and the domain of website development is significantly driven by user experience. This is why when you are upgrading your website or creating a new one in 2022, you need to check out the latest trends on website designs mentioned below:

Things to Focus on Before Building Your Website in 2022

In order to build an advanced website that delivers superior user experiences, you must know the latest web development trends. Let us check them out;

Focus on Voice Optimization

In the fast-paced digital ecospace, around 58% of customers (Source: Truelist. co) are now relying on voice searches to find local businesses. With the smart speaker market growing exponentially, it has become extremely important to build a website that is driven by users’ voice search.

Google is committed to offering the best customer experience to its visitors. It acknowledges the websites that provide the best user experience to their end users and rank them higher on the SERPs. Optimizing your website with the best voice search algorithms will definitely help your business to stay ahead of the curve.

Dark Mode is here to stay!

A low light interface with a dark colour, for instance, a shade of black, blue or grey as the main background colour is a called  a dark mode. Dark modes mostly help the user’s eyes to stay relaxed while browsing a website. So, for a website visitor, dark mode is much easier to focus on as it is easy on the eyes. This is why most websites these days are switching to dark mode. No one wants to strain his or her eyes to view something and a dark mode helps in that case.

With the increasing popularity of websites featuring dark mode, it can be assumed that such websites have a higher user engagement rate and derive greater actions from the visitors.

Presence of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

The presence of AI-enabled chatbots in websites helps in providing real-time experience to the customers. It is highly anticipated by industry experts that these chatbots are likely to replace the website managers. Also, they are expected to turn into self-learners to communicate successfully with the users, and respond to their needs and requirements on a real-time basis.

Today, from websites to mobile apps, AI-enabled chatbots operating 24/7 help to engage customers on their first and subsequent visits. Thus, for businesses looking to increase their competitiveness in the market, the interactive chatbots offer a great scope.

Providing a Virtual Reality Augmented Experience

The usage and integration of virtual reality are not only on the rise but are changing the scenario in major industrial sectors as well. In fact, fields like tourism, architecture, and healthcare, among others, are enhancing their customer experience (CX) with the help of Virtual Reality. For example, when we shop for an eyewear, VR enables us to check how exactly the frames will look on our face. This has bridged many gaps in user experience that we used to face earlier while shopping online.

In the new world impacted by the pandemic, business-houses are establishing their online presence more seriously than ever. This has put VR at the forefront where it aims to help companies gain an edge over other players in the market. It does so by providing customers with more connectivity and interactive services.

To learn more about how virtual reality is transforming business, read our blog.

Mobile Responsive Website

Today, people spend a large part of their time browsing mobile phones. From shopping to gathering information, they use Google and other search engines. This explains why it is extremely important to build a mobile-friendly website.

Faster and responsive websites offer customers rich user experiences. With the ever-increasing number of mobile users, building a mobile responsive website is not an option anymore but a necessity.

Minimalism or Simplistic Design

Another trend that has been under a lot of focus from website design services while building a website is minimalistic design.

Building a website that will engage customers in a big way is the main objective of any web developer. At the same time, websites built on minimalistic design is seen to be preferred by customers for numerous reasons. For instance, using a soothing background page colour or lots of white space on your website is a trick of the trade that is largely in use these days. It is interesting to observe that even premium websites are all fond of this design and putting it to the best use.

Read our blog to get great ideas on advanced web designing.

Serverless Website Architecture

Serverless website architecture has become one of the highly preferred trends in website development. The rise in popularity of this technology is due to its ability to allow the website design service providers to build website applications by eliminating the need for managing servers. This enables the developers to do away with some of the major issues like system overloading, data loss, maintaining operating systems and others.

Serverless technology is actually not serverless but is independent of procedures related to website development. This is why it is considered an extremely flexible technology that helps to optimize costs.

Futuristic Web Applications

User experiences have enhanced manifold with the help of PWA or Progressive Web Applications.

These applications in contrast, to native apps, are considerably easier for users to discover.  In fact, the progressive web applications let users’ fast access websites where mobile applications consume time to get installed on our phones.

PWA apps have in-built features like, they work offline, they can be set on mobile’s home screen, send push notifications and can easily get synchronized.

Progressive Web Applications are evolving faster and bringing users more convenience than ever before. Companies building websites by integrating PWA technology are likely to benefit faster than their competitors by attracting more traffic and offering customers easy access to valuable content.

Get to know more about PWA Technology from this informative blog.

Advanced Cyber Security

Cyber crime has become a menace with digital touchpoints using the latest technologies. It remains important to provide a safe and secured website environment to your website visitors. With the ever-increasing cyber threats, customers are learning to safely place orders and scrutinise a website’s credibility by checking whether it is SSL certified or PCI certified.

While building your website, you must ensure its security by offering multiple layers of protection. This will not only build more trust among your customers to purchase products or avail services from your website but also accelerate your conversion rate.


You can now understand how to transform or build a website by following the latest website development trends. In case your website is not updated according to the latest trends, it is time to get professional help from an experienced web development company. The cost of building a website depends on the number of pages, features and functionalities present in the website. Define your needs and compare the costs across companies to select the right one for you.

Raju Chakraborty

Raju Chakraborty

The CEO of WebGuru Infosystems, Mr. Raju Chakraborty writes from a place of experience on websites, app development, and digital marketing.


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