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List of 50 edu blogs – Build free edu links for your site

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According to any top SEO agency, link building is a crucial practice to rank high on the search engine. We know that you all have searched for how to get edu links at some point or other. We have the solution to increase edu links for a website. Start commenting on edu blogs.

We have used this process for our few sites and got awesome results. Now you can try this process with the following edu blogs and start building free edu links for your website.

1. http://a.parsons.edu/
2. http://athena.libraries.claremont.edu/
3. http://begeiger.blog.usf.edu/
4. http://blog.admissions.ucla.edu/
5. http://blog.case.edu/
6. http://blog.lib.uiowa.edu/
7. http://blog.lib.umn.edu/
8. http://blog.lsc.edu/
9. http://blog.niu.edu/

If you have any list of edu blog that accepts comment then please share with us. We will keep adding to this list

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