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New Interface of Google Image Search: Advantages and Disadvantages

  • 02 Aug / 2010

Google is getting smarter day by day as evident from its latest move to roll out another major update for its image search option that is posed to revolutionize the way we used to search images so far. Its image search engine now appears to be armed with a number of new refreshing features that are sure to give users enough reasons to smile. After testing huge success in the field of web search, Google, as it seems, is not leaving any stone unturned for expanding its presence further. Since it had drawn flak from different sources for presenting somewhat disjointed or loosely jointed images before, Google is now cautious in its move.

In its post, Google has announced that it has already indexed a staggering number of images, approximately 10 billion images, so far which is certainly a rare feat. As more and more people are taking the image search route for finding related information, Google is treating this issue carefully and with meticulously attention. It even vowed to make it more powerful and feature rich in coming years.

Here are some of the refreshing features of Google Image search: –

Thumbnail Preview: – Google image search is now offering thumbnail preview of images in the result page and it is a much larger than what it had earlier. Moreover, you are likely to have better browsing experience as it is specifically designed for high-resolution screens and modern browsers.

Quick View: – Google image search is offering dense tiled layout that will enable users to locate desired images more quickly than ever.

Instant Scrolling: – With this new interface, you will be able to scroll between pages and can wade through the muddles of thousand of images without getting lost. However, page numbers are there so that you would not get lost.

Larger Preview: – This new interface comes with a hover panel that allows users to get a larger preview of images whenever one mouse over a given thumbnail image.

But all is not picture perfect with Google image search. It has some serious shortcoming that it needs to redress if it wants to make its presence felt in this field too. Here are some:

Main Page Gets Sidelined: – It seems that Google is focusing too much on the images rather than the source of the images. For example, when you click onto an image, you are likely to get redirected to a page where the main website appears just underneath the image. This is not certainly what we are looking for. It is deliberate attempt to sideline the source of the image.

Clumsy Appearance: – We are not at all impressed with the appearance of the search results. The gap between images is too thin and therefore, they run the risk of overlapping one another.

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  1. I believe the new google image search is a major improvement on the previous version. It makes navigating through the images easier and gives better access to all the images where before you may not have got past the first page of images.

  2. Personally, I think it’s horrible, and the fact that there is no way to permanently return to the “basic version” of google image search makes it even worse. The older way of searching was fast and simple, providing at the same time enough info about the images so as to make ones search efficient. I cannot say any of these things have improved or at least stayed the same with the new image search;

    And btw, if you were really looking for something specific, chances are you’d go through more than just the first page.

  3. I agree. Horrible. I hate the interface, and for me, it makes it much harder to navigate. The more changes google makes to their products, the more I hate using their stuff. I’ve always loved gmail, but now they’ve tampered with that as well. It loads at a snail’s pace now and is giving everyone I know a headache.

    There is such a thing as overdoing it, and clearly, google has reached that point. If it’s not broken, quit “fixing” it.

  4. I find the revised presentation of google images is jumbled, and gives no immediate information as to the origin of each immage without a very time consuming search through many pictures.

    There appears to be no way of returning to the much more useful previously thumbnail images which was very easy to navigate to find the most relevant images so much nmore effectively.

    Is it beyond google’s ability to offer the choice of formats to users. Hopefully that may be a future enhancement.

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