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The Benefits Of A Materialize Responsive Framework

  • 29 Jun / 2019
Benefits Of A Materialize Responsive Framework

The growing competitiveness of the digital medium has made user experience (UX) the principal differentiator for websites and web/mobile applications to garner leads and drive conversions. No wonder the website design services are looking at responsive frameworks to design websites that are compatible across devices. In other words, users browsing websites across a plethora of device platforms (smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktops, and laptops) should enjoy a seamless experience unhindered by the size and make of the platform.

So, should you be a developer from a top web development company, then you ought to choose a robust front-end framework that addresses the issue of ‘responsiveness’ across platforms comprehensively. In fact, there exists a plethora of such frameworks namely, Materialize, Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Mueller, Cardinal etc. Although each of the frameworks has its pros and cons, the materialize responsive framework seems to be climbing the charts of popularity. For example, the popular Google products such as Gmail, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Android are using the framework.

Materialize Responsive Framework for Web Design Services

Developed by Google, this front-end responsive framework offers a visual language, which is a fusion of design aesthetics and innovation in technology. The materialize library is created with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and is underpinned on browser compatibility and responsiveness. At mere 29KB, the framework is extremely light, comprising elements such as parallax, Sass mixins, ripple effect animation, flow texts, hoverable objects, vector based icons, card elements and many more. The framework makes liberal use of grid based layouts, padding, depth effects using lighting and shadows, and responsive transitions.

The Benefits of Using a Materialize Design Framework

The sleek and light materialize design framework offers a host of benefits to mobile responsive website design.

  • Consistency in user interfaces across the mobile and web platforms.
  • Can be implemented for multiple web projects without the need to write a single line of CSS.
  • Speeds up the development process as most of the heavy lifting is done by the built-in custom components.
  • Developers, whether working independently or for experienced website design services, can have a smooth working experience due to the refined transitions and animations offered by the framework.
  • As opposed to Bootstrap, the materialize responsive framework contains a wide colour palette consisting of base colours. The palette gives the option to choose a large number of colours for the user interface.
  • The animations, transitions, and components offered by the framework allow more feedback to the users. Moreover, the presence of a responsive system cutting across platforms offers an enhanced user experience.
  • The ready-to-use design elements preempt you from building the CSS components from scratch.
  • Offers the best viewing and browsing experience across Android platforms.
  • Contains a slew of free plugins that can be used to improve the user experience of a website or an application. These consist of collapsible, dialogs, drop-downs, parallax, models, media, and many others.
  • Offers to build faster prototypes without using a new design for every element like sliders, buttons, and toggle switches etc.
  • End users can create interfaces that are highly interactive.


The open-source materialize responsive framework is gaining popularity among the developers’ community due to its ready-to-use library of components. It can be a good framework to adopt when it comes to building progressive web apps. So, should you be building a website or mobile application for your business that offers a high UX across device platforms, give the materialize responsive framework a try. And to make it happen, engage a website development company with the requisite expertise and experience.

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Anabik Chakraborty

Anabik Chakraborty

A consummate content developer, Anabik Chakraborty specializes in tech-based subjects. His flair for writing has seen him delve into many genres.


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