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19 Oct / 2009 578 views

The Impacts of Changing Your Logo and Domino Effect

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Suppose that it is a bright sunny morning of August, the breeze is blowing gently and you are enjoying a cup of hot tea with your eyes fixed on a box of domino. Suddenly, you might end up pushing one of them and the rest of the thing a rare visual treat. You will notice how the entire structure crumbles down just because of your gentle stroke. First one falls right on the other and then the second, the third and within seconds the entire structure falls flat on the ground. Now, you might wonder what is the relationship between changing a logo and playing domino. Though there is no similarity exists between changing a logo and playing domino, the effect of changing the logo can be similar to that of the sinking and crumbling effect that is associated with domino.

Do Not Treat It As a Game

Most of the people are unconscious of the fact that the logo of their business organization is intrinsically associated with the brand image. People prone to identify the logo of a business organization with its corporate image almost instantaneously and therefore if you make changes in your logo all the time, viewers will find it extremely difficult to relate your organization with the logo, which can play spoilsport in your organization marketing campaign.

Logo Design

If you are perfectionist about everything why not make necessary changes in the existing pattern of the logo design before making it public. Do whatever you want to do with your logo if you want to avert the consequences similar to that of domino effect.

Be Sure Have A Good Reason

This is by far the most important thing. You should not make changes in the design of a logo just because you do not like the color combination or you hate the font. You should give value to what people think about your logo and not what you think about it. However, if you are going to bring an overhaul change in the nature of the service of your organization, you can go ahead with your plan of redesigning your logo.

Be Prepared To Shell Out Money

Think carefully before you make a leap. As the brand image of your organization is more likely to get affected by the changes of your logo, you have to make sure that you are prepared enough to shell out money profusely for promoting the newly designed logo. The banners, the hoardings, the envelope etc have to be redesigned for the same reason. Therefore, it is an obvious fact that it will cost you dearly.

These are some of the facts that you should take into consideration before coming to a conclusion.

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  1. Priyank Jain says:

    Nice article. But videocon has just changed its logo again (its the third time as far as i know) and this new logo gives a nice vibe.

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