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Top 15 Advanced tools to Use in Your Angular.js Development Project

Top 15 Advanced tools to Use in Your Angular.js Development Project

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Among various front-end web app development frameworks available these days, Angular.js is the most popular across the developer community. It helps the developers to craft the most spectacular, dynamic, architectural, and maintainable applications. Further, with a wide range of tools available, Angular is preferable to the developers for building robust and high-quality web applications.

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Anyway, today we are here with the top 15 latest as well as our all-time-favourite tools that you can use in any Angular development project to simplify the entire process. Let’s take a look.

Angular Based Web App Development – Tools to Use

1. Jasmine
This is a behaviour-driven development (BDD) framework and you can use it for test-driven development (TDD). It automatically checks and detects JavaScript frameworks and classes for pointing out the unmonitored code and instantly notifies the developers.

2. Djangular

It produces reusable applications with better integration in Angular. Developers often complain of facing difficulty once it comes to app content development. Djangular solves this problem with ease. It enables one to easily create Angular content for the application. It employs Django and Angular so you need not integrate each project with Django separately.

Further, you can implement a consistent content structure along with creating different namespaces for your apps. You can significantly increase the app security with the help of Djangular since it enables CSPF protection.

3. Karma

Testing is an important factor in any project development cycle. Karma is a popular testing framework. It has a unique characteristic that enables the developers to run tests in a real-time ecosystem. With the help of this tool, the devs can test the apps on phones and real browsers. It helps them to easily identify potential glitches and it works better than a lab setting.

It supports end-to-end testing, midway testing, and unit testing. You have to open programmes that you have listed in any configuration file once you seek to work with Karma. Regardless of running the tests, it smoothly interacts with the dynamic programmes to use socket.io and requests.

4. Protractor

It provides an end-to-end testing solution for Angular based applications. By default, it is developed on WebDriverJS. It allows the programmers to test any application in real browser. It is designed in a precise manner so that it can interact with the app just like a real user. Thus it provides the developers with a real ecosystem experience.

5. NGX RestAngular

It helps the developers to collect data from any RESTful API without breaking a sweat while developing a web app. It enables the devs to specify custom HTTP methods once they require any response from the web server and specify the URL names as well as use the nested Restful entities.

Further, the developers can send requests like UPDATE, DELETE, POST, and GET conveniently. They can send these requests to different servers and services without facing any issue. They may also send these from within any object. It omits the necessity of creating distinct objects for each and every request.

6. Mocha.js

This is a feature-rich JS testing framework that runs on Node.js and enables asynchronous testing. Naturally it makes reporting and mapping highly flexible and accurate. This tool helps in unit testing.

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7. AngularFire

With this tool, you can create a backend for your Angular app. It has several useful features such as 3-way data binding, flexible APIs, and rapid development capabilities to ensure a breezy development process. It synchronizes data in real time and helps to automatically store data offline. Its action-based APIs help to integrate with ngrx.

8. WebStorm

WebStorm is a robust IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that offers an excellent coding assistance for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It also facilitates the operation with a wide range of modern web technologies. Other than efficiently helping in front end or client-side development, it also contributes in backend or server-side development with Node.js.

It offers various insights for progressive error prevention, refactoring features, autocompletion, smart coding, and more. WebStorm improves productivity and shortens the development time. Along with the supports of Meteor and Angular, it helps in testing, code analysis, debugging, and integrating with various Version Control System (VCS). It offers a live editorial manager to enable the developers oversee the coding getting live without refreshing the page time and again.

9. Sublime Text

This editor helps to develop and test codes for any web page or web application. It is a favourite text editor for a majority of developers. It is a brilliant cross-platform source code editor equipped with Python application-programming interface. It enables the developers to simultaneously edit two locations in a single file. This split-screen editing feature improves the developers’ speed and productivity.

The devs can combine it with Angular while editing the source codes. It consists of various features that make the IDE a perfect choice for the developers. Some of the useful features of this tool are as follow:

  • Goto Definition – it helps to fetch information by hovering mouse over a symbol
  • Goto Anything – it helps to take a quick and instant jump to a word or line
  • Command Palette – it helps in a diverse array of things including indentation setting modification and syntax changing.

10. Ment.io

This one introduces a combined usage of Mentions and Macros widgets in order to remove jQuery dependency. Thereby, it enhances the flexibility to use Ment.io directly to any component and it also accepts selected text inputs. jQuery independence makes Ment.io more flexible for the programmers.

11. Generator Angular

Equipped with essential boiler points, it focuses on the process of creation of your web application. It enables the developers to quickly set up any project with sensible defaults and accomplish the same with the best practices.

12. Angular Seed

This is an application skeleton for a typical Angular web app and the devs can apply it to quickly boostrap the projects along with the development environment. The seed contains a sample Angular application and it is preconfigured to install the Angular framework automatically along with several development and testing tools. This ensures an instant web development gratification. The seed app shows how to connect two views and controllers together.

Some of the features of Angular seed are as follow:

  • Supports multiple Angular application with shared codebase in a single seed instance
  • It got official Angular i18n support
  • It has statically typed build system that uses gulp for working with TypeScript
  • AoT (Ahead of Time) compilation support
  • Has CSS-Lint and autoprefixer support
  • Provides full Docker support for the development as well as production environment
  • Allows the developers to update the seed tasks of the existing projects without breaking a sweat

13. Code Orchestra

This front-end development tool enables the developers to write code live-style. Once they modify the codes and save, these are automatically implemented in the live application using a special protocol.

14. Angular UI

Those who offer web application development services must be familiar with the rush of completing the projects within a specific deadline. And day by day, this deadline is getting steeper as entrepreneurs these days seek to release an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) as soon as possible to achieve a competitive edge. Angular UI is a tool to speed up the development process and helps the devs to meet a quick turnaround time.

Due credit to its integration with the bootstrap directives such as UI calendar, UI map, or UI router, Angular UI maintains the quality of the app all the while ensuring a fast pace of development.

15. Angular GetText

Developers consider this tool as a super simple translation support for Angular. The devs can type the text in simple English and mark them for translation. The tool can execute the rest. That’s why it is extremely popular among the beginners.

The features of this tool are as follow:

  • Seamless Angular integration – the tool ensures interpolation and any other relevant tasks.
  • Effortless translation – the developrs can focus on simply developing the app. They can write everything in English and annotate the parts requiring a translation.
  • Proper plural usage in all languages – each language has its own set of grammar rules. Do you know that Irish uses five plural forms? Or that Polish uses three? Actually, you need not know, because Angular GetText does! Just provide a plural string where necessary and you are good to go.

The tool supports over 130 languages including all the major languages around the globe.

Whether you offer Angular development services or are looking to hire Angular developer, a comprehensive knowledge of the tools is always beneficial. Make a smart choice and use the correct tools to expand the app’s potential and usability.

We hope you’ve found our article relevant. Feel free to share your views.

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