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Top 8 Trends of Logo Design in 2015

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Availability of new and advanced technicalities can yield you the best results when creating an ideal custom logo for your company. The logo design services, therefore, are now coming up with new designs in the genre following the trend in the recent times.

Here are some of the top logo design trends that you are surely going to love:

Low Polygon

Nowadays, low polygon is being used mostly in the wallpapers as well as backgrounds. This technicality is being taken from 3D software tools. Hence, it has turned out to be one of the well-recognized forms to create icons and logos.

low polygon

Negative Space in the Design

A logo design presently is being decorated with obscure components that make the logo look complicated rather than beautiful. Therefore, simply adding significant elements in the design can make a logo look stunning. Using negative spaces in the design not only can make the design look simple, but also magnificent all together.

negetive space

Customized Letterforms

During the analog days, typographers had been practiced beautifully and with a mastermind to create outstanding letterforms. With the arrival of digital age, there has been wide range of techniques and tools that made the traditional letterform awake all on a sudden. The usage of hand-cut fonts still is being preferred by many. Such fonts form beautiful shapes when grounded in technical expertise, basics, creative inspiration and theoretical understanding. This has made the designers create more numbers of customized letterforms.

customise letter


Back to 2 centuries when serif letter font had been created with similar name, it turned out to be “signature text” during the enlightenment age in literature. Reproducing digitally, hairline strokes in the letterform disappear at times i.e. known as dazzle. The logo design services take pride to remove 40% of letterform appearing to be missing already in aged eyes from a slight distance. This technique closely relates to the solutions wherein equivalent thin and thick strokes are cut apart from the serif letterforms to build compact visuals for user interpretation.


Dynamic Logos & Logo Sets

Business entrepreneurs along with the logo designers are always looking for methodologies to create the logos better. It is obvious that looking at similar logo for quite a number of years will make eyes go stale. In order to fight the stagnation, dynamic logos & logo sets came into picture. Such dynamic designs pump up life as well as freshness in the logos.


Bold and Thin Line Usability in the Design

A pen tool is being used to make such forms of logo designs. Even this trend has captured icon design in the market. Many firms are now looking forward to use this design.

bold n thin line

Usability of Script Logotype

This logotype is generally the design in which a customized “Scrip Font” is being used to present the stance of an organization or company.


Hand Lettering and Calligraphy

Hand lettering & Calligraphy are mostly used by the designers for hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and tattoo companies. They are simply mind-blowing to look at.


These are some of the top logo design trends that many companies and designers are presently considering.

Raju Chakraborty

Raju Chakraborty

As the Group Manager in one of the premier digital agencies, Webguru Infosystems, Mr. Raju Chakraborty has extensive knowledge and experience in the domains of web & mobile app development, and digital marketing. His interest and insights into the world of digital technologies find expression in the form of blogs and articles.


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