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Top Trends to Develop a Futuristic Mobile Application in 2022

  • 06 Dec / 2021
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Today, we depend on several mobile applications to conduct various activities in our daily lives. Whether, we want to play games, do shopping from eCommerce stores, pay utility bills, book cabs, find food recipes, or track health status, among others, we find ourselves installing popular applications on our mobiles. The advent of new technologies in the form of gadgets and appliances has improved and simplified our lives in unprecedented ways. Similarly, new and innovative mobile applications are high in demand because they are expected to bring new user experiences and enhance our living in various ways.

According to a recent report by, an estimated 196 billion mobile applications will be downloaded from the Google Play Store in 2021. This highlights how mobile applications are adding value to our lives and the mobile application industry is thriving on the rising demand.

As per expert prediction about how trends shall be driving the mobile application industry in 2022, we can find more advanced mobile applications emerging in new domains to ease our lives further. In this blog, let’s discuss the new trends and find out how top mobile app development services can use these trends to design futuristic mobile applications.

Latest Trends to Follow For Creating a Future-Ready Mobile Application

Let’s dive in further to know what trends are likely to dominate the landscape of mobile app development in 2022:

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is not new; however, it is getting leveraged more frequently nowadays.

Blockchain is a digital ledger for maintaining widely distributed transactions connecting different computer systems. Every block in the chain stores transaction data, and whenever a new transaction is made, these blocks retain the data and simultaneously update every participant’s ledger.

Blockchain technology is used for the advanced compiling of data in industries and its power to decentralise databases helps to resolve issues related to data misuse and security concerns. The applications built on this technology are end-to-end encrypted and prohibit unauthorised access to external parties.

If we talk about implementation, many companies across industries like finance, healthcare and supply chain, etc., are incorporating blockchain technology in their systems. For example, a finance company called Algorand has launched a mobile application called Algorand Wallet,which is enabled with blockchain technology and is built to offer security, privacy, co-chain and smart contract capabilities.

On the other hand, in the healthcare sector, a company called BurstIQ has equipped its services with blockchain technology to assist patients and doctors to securely exchange sensitive information with the help of big data blockchain contracts. These smart contracts not only help to set a parameter on the range of data that can be shared but also serve each patient with personalised health plans.

With the rising popularity of blockchain technology, we can expect the number of blockchain integrated mobile applications to grow further. These can help to reduce hacking cases significantly thanks to their enhanced security features.

5G Technology Integration

5G technology is fast gaining traction in the industry and is poised to drastically change the user experience in various ways. For instance, its implementation can significantly reduce the latency to less than one millisecond in contrast to the human response time of around 300 milliseconds.

Besides reduced latency, 5G technology can be leveraged to provide higher bandwidth and advanced interconnectivity, which can facilitate application development in areas like Augmented reality, Internet of things (IoT), Virtual reality (VR), wireless health and automated driverless vehicles, and others.

Also, by harnessing the potential of 5G technology, mobile applications can be built to perform without the limitation of the hardware. This is because 5G can help to integrate technologies, which enable customised interactions driven by cloud-based services and real-time connectivity. Further, since 5G technology can help to establish more dependable internet connectivity and reduce battery consumption due to low latency, the mobile applications integrated with 5G are rarely expected to disconnect from the internet. Leveraging this opportunity of reliable internet connectivity and more battery power, companies are likely to offer customers advanced functionalities and new features. For example, integrating automated driverless vehicles with 5G technology can increase the precision rate of driving significantly and therefore, can considerably reduce the chance of accidents.

Augmented Reality

Leveraging augmented reality has been on the rise in many sectors like e-commerce, education etc. This technology’s ability to present the products and services more realistically has added to its popularity.

Today, due to the pandemic, online shopping has increased by leaps and bounds. However, the limited ability to inspect the product before purchasing often mars the user experience. This is where augmented reality has helped to bridge the gap and offer a seamless experience to the customers.

For instance, today, while buying spectacles, the buyer can superimpose the spectacle’s image and select a suitable frame for himself. This is how augmented reality has helped to transform the online shopping experience.

Besides this, another valuable example of AR implementation is carried out by the famous brand IKEA. Their IKEA Place app, allows you to pick any item from their catalogue and place it anywhere in your house to get a realistic idea about how suitable is the item, against the particular backdrop of your house and choose accordingly.

Check out what elements are in high demand in apps from this blog.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are, here for quite some time and features; like facial recognition, chatbot and voice search integration have been made possible by AI technology and advanced machine learning technology. Today, AI is evolving further and, more sectors like healthcare, Ecommerce etc., are implementing this technology to reduce administrative work thereby, minimising the time and cost spent on it. In recent times, AI integrated thermal scanners have been deployed during the pandemic, which has enabled the reduction of physical contact and decreased transmissions significantly.

In the days to come, AI and Machine learning are likely to; evolve further and new and innovative apps will emerge to enhance the quality of our lives.

If you want to leverage advanced AI and Machine learning while building your mobile app, you can easily do it by hiring experts from any reliable mobile app development company.

Cross-Platform Applications

Cross-platform applications refer to the category of applications that are built to run on multiple operating systems – on IOS and Android for example. Using the cross-platform framework app, developers are not required to write code in its entirety as about 70-90% of reusable code is used to build these applications for multiple platforms. As the same codebase is used for multiple mobile operating systems, the development time and cost are reduced remarkably. It is due to the same, that future maintenance is also easier and less expensive as compared to the maintenance of separate native mobile apps. Hence, for the fast-paced development and cost-advantage, cross-platform applications are likely to attract more investment from start-ups and businesses over native applications.

This is why in 2022; we can find the demand for cross-platform hybrid applications growing in popularity among business owners.

Low Code Technology

Fast and quick technologies are always high on demand low-code technology is one such technology that is enabling app developers and industries to create apps without investing time in coding. Low-code app developing trends are allowing businesses to build new-age applications integrated with advanced features in less time. On these platforms, apps can be built with drag and drop actions and intuitive UI features.

Wearable Devices

As predicted by, there can be whooping 1.1 billion connected wearables across the world by 2022. This shows wearables can dominate the device world earlier than believed. Presently, applications for wearable devices are rising and many applications have been deployed for wearable devices. These applications with the latest configurations have been mainly put to use in the health sector, as we can find smartwatches are now integrated with health checkers and can track an individual’s activity level daily. Further, these applications can track the basic health status like; pulse rate, oxygen level and even track; the sleep cycle of the wearer precisely when in sync with compatible mobile applications.

With the rise in wearable device users, we can expect that more applications will be built keeping in mind the wearable devices in 2022.

If you want to build an agile mobile application; then, appoint a custom app development company to design it for you.

Bottom line

In 2022, the world is expected to achieve more mobility and; thus, trends like these will continue to dominate the mobile application development area. So, for creating a future-ready mobile application, you can follow the above trends. Also, you can hire a professional mobile app development services to do it for you.

Rajdip Datta

Rajdip Datta

Rajdip Dutta is a project manager & an avid purveyor of the latest trends in mobile app development. His blogs provide a deep insight into the field.


  1. Mobile applications have become the go-to touchpoints for users. The trends mentioned in the blog that any futuristic mobile app should have go for a nice read.

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