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Using Proper Format of Graphic for Website Design

In a website design different formats of graphics are used. But using the proper formats can give your site a different edge. A well-planned and properly designed site makes use of the different file formats judiciously.

There are quite a few types of graphic design formats that you can use in your designing. Mainly JPEG, GIF and PNG file formats are used. The JPEG images offer compressed file types and provide high quality appearance. The GIF format is one of the oldest graphic formats used for designing sites. The use of this file format ensures quick loading of the images used on the site. The features like transparency and interlacing are possible with PNG images. If you require superior quality of images, you can use PNG file format.

Lets discuss about some of the graphic file formats here:

  • Transparency: This makes the image appear neither totally transparent nor completely opaque.
  • Compression: This helps an image file to take up less memory by compressing its file size. Some different algorithms are used for this compression, which treats the pixels of the image as one single item.
  • Animation: Certain still images are arranged in way to make them appear moving. For animating the still images, mostly the GIF file types are used as plug-ins are not required for it.
  • Progressive Loading: While viewing a website it is often seen that at first the graphics used on the site are partly loading. Using this graphic format enables the graphics to load faster on a site.
  • Interlacing: Here the even numbered rows follow the odd number of rows. This process is very similar to progressive loading. By using this format, the images can be viewed by the users in quick succession.

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