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What Are The Latest eCommerce Trends That Would Rule 2018

What Are The Latest eCommerce Trends That Would Rule 2018

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The rise and rise of eCommerce stores have gained quite a momentum in recent years. So much so that it is becoming increasingly difficult for the brick and mortar stores to function without having to worry about the future of their business. The eCommerce stores are not only attracting the millennials as was thought to be in the prior years but Gen X too is being hugely influenced by the recent trends. The revenue earned by the sector has been staggering as is evident by the $2.3 trillion of 2017 and its expected rise to a mind-boggling $4.5 trillion in 2021.

Shoppers, inspired by social media posts and promotions lean towards online stores where they are inevitably spoilt for choice. With the rapid pace at which eCommerce is expanding, eCommerce website design services too are now looking to incorporate innovations that would further the sales of their clients.

Here’s looking at the top 7 trends that are likely to make a difference to the way the eCommerce sector is perceived and can be successfully taken forward in the coming years:

1. Voice Searches

Been in the works for months now, the phenomenon of looking products up using your voice is fast catching up. The feature is all set to make searches even more user-friendly and hassle-free by letting users rest their fingers and enunciate clearly their needs. With Google Assistant and Alexa becoming all the more prevalent, it is only a matter of time before “voice searches” become the rage in eCommerce stores.

2. Trouble-Free Checkout

Making online purchases in a prompt manner too is gaining momentum. Faster checkout that requires customers to fill in lesser number of forms is a way to invite more sales as loading page after pages, each asking for user details can be a deterrent. Payment gateways like ShopifyPay, PayPal, AndroidPay have made the online payment process easier & faster. Also storing customers’ data as well as their preferred mode of payment & displaying them during their next purchases make the process hassel free.

3. An Increase In Delivery Options

eCommerce web development companies are looking to make use of same-day delivery options that have pampered customers before. Online retail store owners should stress on partnerships that must be built with organisations that have the man-power, the infrastructure and the logistics for faster and immediate deliveries.

4. Bolder Aesthetics

A trend that is fast catching up and is looking to make waves in 2018 is minimalism or Brutalism as the web experts like to call it. The Brutalism web design harps on decluttering the website and favours bolder typographies over more stylised ones. Going back to the basics of analog-style designs is what developers are going by this new year, making access and navigation simpler by the minute.

5. Performance

A heightened web performance has always been one of the many criterion to successfully run a retail store and its importance will only increase with time. The website designs and the products listed should all be considered secondary to the performance of the site. A slower loading site can make you lose out on potential customers thus checking on the site’s performance on performance measuring tools is mandatory to gauge its effectiveness and efficiency.

6. Automation

Hire eCommerce developers to integrate automation into the site and bear witness to the exponential growth of your online store. To put it simply, instead of manually performing the tasks to enhance the site, one can easily use automation. Virtual assistants like Kit and other chatbots that are growing in prominence can be used to maintain contacts with businesses rather than the conventional methods of emails, texts and messages. Automation can also make use of the social media platforms to drive traffic toward the stores, delivering the desired ROI.

7. Going Social

“In 2018, social media will be the perfect landscape in which retailers can create a buying scenario by showcasing their products on apps that customers spend most of their time with,” said Jason Stokes the founder and CEO of Shopify Expert. The idea is to build a shopping scenario for the customers without them realising it and bringing them the products on the very application that they frequent the most. This not only prevents possible sales to get hampered by the constant switching of sites but also helps gain and retain customers.

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