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07 Nov / 2019 1,553 views

What To Consider When Planning A Website Redesign?

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Is your website not generating enough leads? Do you feel that your current website stands outdated when compared to the evolving goals and strategies of your business? If yes, then you might need to consider a website redesign. While the current website has helped your company come a long way, the ever-changing dynamics of the business landscape requires you to engage website design services following the latest web design trends for a much-needed overhaul. From evaluating the current lacunae to strategizing the whole revamp, a redesign allows you to realize your business goals through the adaptation of a robust, updated, and user-friendly website. Do you feel clueless about where to start and how to proceed? Put your worries to an end, for we have listed important points to consider before you plan a website design.

Tips and guidelines for a successful website redesign

1. The right time to redesign – Understanding the shortcomings of your current website is important to decide the appropriate time for redesigning. Does your website take time to load? Are multiple pages hampering swift navigation by the users? Is it devoid of the latest information and quality content? All these factors have a direct bearing on the user experience. To cite an example, a survey has shown that almost 70% of customers are unwilling to visit or purchase from online stores that have slow loading speed (Source: Unbounce). Therefore, a website redesign can help you catch on these crucial factors and engage more consumers in the process.

2. Creating strategies and guidelines – It is advised that you plan a redesign before the drawbacks in your current website start hampering the revenues and sales. So, once you have decided to proceed with a redesign, you have to chalk out a road map that leads to attainable goals. Evaluating users and competitors’ behaviour can help you to keep abreast of the latest trends. This allows you to incorporate a unique yet updated style on your business website as well. Moreover, guidelines must comprise fonts, graphics, logos, information, and everything else you have envisioned for your business brand to connect strongly with the target audience.

3. Hiring professional services – With money and time at stake, you sure want the website redesign to be successful. To achieve the same, engaging a competent website design company is essential. However, before you hire any company, do your homework thoroughly. Be smart to ask questions and seek clarifications. Does the web design company in consideration have enough experience in delivering website designing services? Is its pricing policy aligning with your budgetary estimates? Do the professionals provide on-going support and maintenance services? Seal the deal should you be satisfied with all their service features.

4. Staying organized and patient – Redesigning a website takes time and cannot be achieved overnight. The key is to stay organized and patient throughout the process. Not only will you have to understand the target market and audience, but have to incorporate the latest trends in design, development, and content of your new website as well. Remember, everything can go haywire should you remain impatient and unorganized in your work approach. So, by engaging the professionals of a reputed website design company in India, you can have peace of mind. Simply put across your visions and plans to watch the experts realize them in the form of a feature-rich, dynamic, responsive, and secure website.

Conclusion – A website redesign is a challenging task, to say the least. In this exercise, your business website is completely revamped for meeting the current user trends. Such a functional, updated, and user-friendly website that follows the above-listed guidelines and tips can be useful to your business. However, it is advisable to enlist the services of an experienced website development company in India to get the best results.

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Raju Chakraborty

Raju Chakraborty

As the Group Manager in one of the premier digital agencies, Webguru Infosystems, Mr. Raju Chakraborty has extensive knowledge and experience in the domains of web & mobile app development, and digital marketing. His interest and insights into the world of digital technologies find expression in the form of blogs and articles.

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