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06 Jul / 2011

Why QuarkXpress 9 Is Ideal For Brochure Designing

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QuarkXpress 9 is ideal for brochure designing as it offers excellent control over text styles and image handling. The new version has several time saving features.

Brochure designing is a task that can require weeks of time on the part of a graphic designer. It involves a lot of planning, visualization, brainstorming for the artist. Interaction with the client and an understanding of the target viewer’s mindset is also required for this kind of work. Therefore, when it comes to selecting the apt brochure design software a graphic art professional needs to be quite careful. There are several aspects that need to be considered for zeroing in on the most suitable application for brochure design. There are a number of applications used by the print industry for brochure designing and related work but QuarkXpress 9 has few worthy contenders.  Used by the industry professionals for over a decade, the latest release of Quark leaves the rival applications biting the dust.

  • Apart from having dedicated tools for digital publishing, QuarkXpress 9 has got some useful tools for print media. The new feature named Conditional Styles is an instance in this context.  With this new feature, the graphic artists can apply styles to the text paragraphs according to the content type.  With an intuitive menu based interface, Conditional Styles is user friendly. This is comparable with InDesign’s nested styles feature. This one is useful for brochure design where large volumes of text need to be used.
  • Another notable feature in Quark that is handy for brochure designing is the new Story Editor. Similar to InDesign, it opens the selected blocks of text in a different window. Therefore, the graphic designers can edit the text without any distraction on screen. It is possible to apply formatting styles like lists and bullets via a pop-up menu.
  • QuarkXPress 9 has been revamped with focus to user friendliness. Now the print media professionals can use Callout Anchors in page elements like images and boxes easily. The Cloner tool makes duplicating blocks of text and even pages a cakewalk. This is a time saving feature in the app. It can help the artist making a brochure to copy text from one page to other and edit it rapidly.
  • Brochure design cannot be complete without using images. QuarkXPress 9 has some nifty image management features as well. The app can now generate a grid of images automatically if the artist provides a folder of images. The Image grid facility allows pixel precise control on images and their positioning in a document. Dealing with large sized images is not a problem at all. ShapeMaker is another utility meant for quickly creating shapes in a document.


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  2. Cactus brochure design says:

    Thanks for introducing me about QuarkXpress 9. I am totally new to it. Can you inform me how could I get it?

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