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5 Incredible Ways to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

  • 03 Jan / 2022
social media marketing services

Social media platforms are undoubtedly one of the best channels for promoting your blogs. But to gain the maximum benefits, it needs to be done right. If you have been consistently uploading blogs on your site and promoting them on social media platforms without seeing any results, then chances are that you are not doing it right!

Now before you grow impatient and wonder ‘why’, let us assure you that there are many users who are putting in consistent effort, yet are unable to drive relevant traffic to their sites. So before you think of giving up, spare another thought on whether you are promoting your blogs effectively on social media. Many bloggers are clueless about how to use social media successfully when it comes to promoting their blogs.

In this blog, we have discussed a few useful ways recommended by renowned social media marketing service providers that you can follow to promote your blogs and obtain positive results.

1.Interesting blog content to capture the audience

Your first and foremost task is to pique the interest of your audience. If you are unable to raise the interest of your audience, then promoting blogs will not make any sense. So how can you create blogs that will attract attention and have the potential to drive traffic to your site? Check out here:

-Select trending topics

One of the best ways to get social media traction is by promoting blogs on trending topics. Whatever niche space you are blogging on, find out the trending topics in the particular area and give your audiences valuable information on the selected topic. For gathering some relevant topics and ideas, you can visit sites like AnswerThePublic, Quora, Google Discover, etc. and check out the current topics that are triggering discussions.

-Structure your blog properly

Simply by appropriately structuring your content, you can gain your audiences’ attention and also hook them right away. An attractive blog title may help in capturing the attention of your audience and drive more traffic to your site. Next, in the introduction part, you can use questions as a hook and retain the attention. Also,addressing problems on your blog will help your audience to relate and eventually develop their interest to seek more information and read the entire blog.

-Enrich your content with images, videos and infographics

Adding attractive visuals to your blog, for instance, inserting images, videos and infographics etc. in your content can help you to boost the engagement rate. Top digital marketing services often recommend taking the help of visuals because humans generally find images and videos more interactive compared to texts.

2. Use the right hashtags

When it comes to social media, hashtags play a vital role. Whether it be helping to correctly categorize your promotional posts, boost engagement with followers, or help you reach your target audience for a particular niche, hashtags do help in many ways. You can promote your promotional posts with the help of the right hashtags, which allows the target audiences to discover your post and drive relevant traffic to your site.

Some platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter allows you to search hashtags, you can utilise this option to search the hashtags that will help your target customers to discover you. Also, you can follow top social media influencers to find what hashtags are currently trending. However, make it a point to select hashtags that are connected to your niche and not some random trending hashtags. Alternatively, you can also use occasion-based hashtags to promote your blog posts to gain more views and traffic; however, you must ensure that your promotional posts and hashtags are well aligned. For instance, if you are a fashion blogger, and suppose Christmas is approaching and you want to post a blog on the latest fashion trends on your site. For effective promotion, you can post a blog on the latest Christmas fashion trends instead of just the latest fashion trends and promote the same with hashtags like #christmasfashion, etc.

3. Promote your blog at the right time

It is of utmost importance to promote your blog timely on social media. You can share valuable content, however, if you don’t choose the right time for promoting, then chances are that your promotional posts will end up getting lost and fail to drive traffic to your sites. Your target audiences are not likely to spend their entire day on social media. So, you have to reach them during their active hours. This requires detailed study and observation to find out when your target audience is spending time on social media? When your promotional posts are likely to receive the highest visibility?

Promoting your blog at different times on both weekdays and weekends on your selected platforms is one useful technique that you can use to observe and study the engagement rate separately. Experts also recommend to avoid the early hours of the morning on weekdays and the late evening hours on weekends for promoting blogs. Also, platforms like Facebook offer Page Insights and allow you to access data like active hours of users and other crucial information.

4. Engage with your audience and build a loyal community

One of the major benefits of social media platforms is that you can directly engage with your audience. Through comments, likes, and other interacting options, you may connect with your audiences personally. This will help you understand their demands and also offer access to information like which post of yours they found valuable and give insights on other details that are otherwise difficult for you to gather from analytics and plain observation.

Make sure to build a community with your social media followers. This will help you expand your reach and also endorse your promotional posts to let people know about your valuable content. For instance, you can request your connections to share your promotional post links with their connections and on their network, and in return, you can offer to promote their posts on your network.

Several platforms also allow people of similar interests to create groups and communities. Make sure you are part of some active communities where other bloggers and content creators assemble to discuss and entertain each other’s thoughts, ideas and content, etc. Promoting your blog content in these communities not only drives traffic to your site but also, lets you create a loyal audience base for your blogs. You can also get useful feedback from such communities and use them to add value to your blog content.

5. Repurpose your blog

Turning your blog into other content formats can give your blog promotions extra benefits and garner more attention. Many social media users love to watch videos, listen to podcasts and check out infographics, etc. Does this imply they do not read blogs? No. Preferences can differ; however, notice that everyone is seeking information. So why not reach out to them with the help of different content formats, raising their curiosity and driving them to your site to check out your blogs?

However, while turning your blog into other content formats for promotion make sure that your content is repurposed well. For instance, while creating video content on the same blog topic, ensure that you offer valuable information and can raise enough interest, so the ones watching your video also visit your blog out of curiosity and for more valuable information.

If you want to reach more audiences and promote your blog across all mediums, then refer to this blog.

Take away

Today the social media is saturated with content and thus, it is difficult to stand apart in the crowd simply by sharing your blog link. If you want to drive traffic to your site and want your blog to reach the right audience, then you need to follow useful tricks. Our blog has shared some useful ways using which you can promote your blog from now on. In case you are running short of time and not in a position to invest time in promoting your blog effectively, then you can always hire a renowned digital marketing company and let them help you to do the needful.

Priyanka Agarwal

Priyanka Agarwal

An expert digital marketer with vast knowledge in SEO, SMO, and the like, Priyanka Agarwal writes about the latest trends in digital marketing.


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  3. This article provides a concise and informative overview of 5 effective ways to promote a blog on social media. The tips offered are practical and actionable, making it easy to understand how they can be implemented. The inclusion of real-world examples and statistics adds credibility to the arguments presented and makes the article all the more engaging. I appreciated the emphasis on the importance of choosing the right social media platforms and the potential of visual content and community engagement to promote a blog. The article also offers useful advice on how to measure the success of social media promotion efforts. Overall, a well-written and informative article that is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their blog promotion on social media.

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