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31 Oct / 2013

Brochure Design Inspiration by WebGuru

Bi-Fold 1

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A collection of some of our outstanding creations... For a rock solid promotional campaign a brochure works as a highly effective tool. A careful combination of colors, fonts and images go into the making of a great brochure that would captivate the target audience. A well-designed brochure grabs the attention and speaks out the inner strength of your company and also gives clear-cut description of your product and services. Well, to empower your campaigns and boost your business, here's...
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06 Jul / 2011

Why QuarkXpress 9 Is Ideal For Brochure Designing

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QuarkXpress 9 is ideal for brochure designing as it offers excellent control over text styles and image handling. The new version has several time saving features. Brochure designing is a task that can require weeks of time on the part of a graphic designer. It involves a lot of planning, visualization, brainstorming for the artist. Interaction with the client and an understanding of the target viewer’s mindset is also required for this kind of work. Therefore, when it comes to selecting th...
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11 Aug / 2010

Brochure Design Best Practice: Tips and Tricks

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Brochure design is a powerful offline marketing tool that can give a huge fillip to a marketing campaign if it can be employed properly. As it represents the brand image of an organization, you need to make it look as impressive as possible. It should have a clean structure and should not include a wide array of graphic elements just for sake of giving it a different look. The purpose of designing a brochure is to establish a visual combination with the visitors through the use of images, text a...
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01 Feb / 2010

Factors to Consider as you Design your Brochure

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Brochure is an important marketing tool. But often it is seen that business owners do not understand the necessity to properly design it. For professional approach one can avail brochure design services. Brochures do not just mean simply printing them and distributing them among people. It has to be presented effectively and distributed among the target group. There are many buyers who highly depend on the different brochures to gather information about a company or its products/services. Thus ...
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14 Jul / 2009

How Brochure Can Help to Sell Your Business?

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Brochure is mainly designed for reflecting a company's objective, professionalism and competence. In the true sense, it energizes the prospect of an organization and thus contributes in the profit maximization. Being a promotional tool, brochure can drive the prospective clients to know more and more about your company. While designing a brochure, the brochure designers must keep certain things in mind. Some of the golden rules that need to be followed while developing a brochure design are as ...
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26 Jun / 2009

Useful Tips for Designing a Brochure

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Nowadays most of the business corporations prefer to have brochures for the purpose of advertising their goods and services. Still now, brochures are considered to be the most effective means of conveying promotional messages to the targeted audience. However, in order to make a brochure effective, one needs to incorporate important information in it. Some other points that should be considered while developing a brochure design are mentioned below: (more…)...
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21 May / 2009

Corporate Brochure Design – Important Points to be Considered

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Brochure is a pamphlet that is designed to introduce a commercial enterprise to its prospective customers. There is no doubt in the fact that a brochure is an information-providing tool that is used to enhance the popularity of a firm’s products and services. So, brochure should be designed with excessive care. Some of the most important points that need to be remembered for designing a corporate brochure design are mentioned below: The cover of the brochure should have 2 parts. In one...
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18 May / 2009

How to Design an Effective Brochure?

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A brochure is basically a leaflet advertisement. It is used as a marketing tool that provides important information to the people regarding an organization’s goods and services. It is true that a brochure talks on behalf of a company’s products and services. So, while designing it, one needs to be very careful. Through an effective brochure, intended message is conveyed to the right people and thus it helps to attain the ultimate goal of a business corporation. Useful Tips for Brochure Desi...
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05 Sep / 2008

Top 10 Tips for Brochure Design

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What else but the brochure could community condensed information to a targeted community in such an interesting manner but the brochure – yes that two-sided, folded document that is your very important marketing tool. The brochure performs the important task of introducing your company to your prospective customer. It is the executive summary of your operations and offerings. The brochure is the marketing tool that lets you present your credentials and a good brochure is one that leaves a las...
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