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24 Sep / 2019

What Are The Benefits Of An Internet Marketing Agency?

Benefit Of An Internet Marketing Agency

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‘Go online’ has become the mantra for businesses to reach out to their customers and increase ROI. This is because customers, armed with internet enabled devices like smartphones, tablets etc, are increasingly going online to communicate, search, and transact. Going by the stats till January 2019, the total number of websites on the internet was 1.94 billion (Source: This humongous number means one thing - not every website is reaching its desired target users. ...
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09 Jul / 2019

How To Promote Your In-Store Sales Using Google Ads

promote in-store sales using google ads

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With competition in the online world becoming intense with each passing day, not all online stores are making hay. In fact, many of them are finding it difficult to keep afloat. So, in order to drive traffic and stay competitive, such stores need to create smart PPC marketing campaigns by leveraging the powerful Google Ads tool. The tool helps to monitor and administer traffic to an online store by using user driven search terms and other parameters. Interestingly, as per a Google survey the "on...
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18 Mar / 2016

Effective Landing Page Design – 5 Crucial Factors

Posted by : Under : Internet Marketing Services, Website Design Services 3 Comments

A landing page is also termed as “lead capture page” in the extensive arena of internet marketing as it helps capture a new lead or attract a new customer. It refers to a web page of your website where a visitor arrives after clicking on an online advertisement or an SEO search result or a promotional e-mail. The prime objective of a landing page is to ensure goal achievement amid your prospective audiences online. This goal can be materializing a product sell or can be signing up a form ...
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06 Oct / 2015

Fundamentals of Email Marketing – A Useful Internet Marketing Strategy

Email Maketing Strategy

Posted by : Under : Internet Marketing Services 1 Comment

As discussed previously in the article 'Internet Marketing Strategies to Get Your Business Noticed', here we are to discuss about an internet Marketing strategy in detail. We focus on Email Marketing in this article. Email Marketing is an incredibly effective strategy for internet marketing services. It helps businesses to market products and services through emails. A successful email advertisement needs to highlight the benefits of the products or services rather than its main features. T...
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22 Sep / 2015

Internet Marketing Strategies to Get Your Business Noticed

internet marketing strategies

Posted by : Under : Internet Marketing Services 5 Comments

Internet Marketing is a generalized terminology for promoting your business online. Internet marketing services include Search Engine Optimization, marketing through Social Media, Google Adwords, advertisements on established web platforms, video promotion, Interactive Functionality and email marketing. Other than those which have been mentioned, there are additional strategies which have not been completely leveraged as yet. Through this article we intend to describe the most common marketi...
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22 Jan / 2015

Local SEO 2015 – Changing Trends

Posted by : Under : Internet Marketing Services 1 Comment

Local SEO provides results to a user based on the current location of the searcher. Building links form an important part of an SEO strategy and is applicable to local businesses. A campaign aimed to build good local links will certainly deploy an entirely diversified strategy with focus on the building of quality backlinks. With Google changing its algorithms end number of times, let’s take this opportunity to look back and analyze how Local SEO changed in 2014 and what to expect in 2015. ...
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13 Jan / 2015

Social Media Trends to Make an Impact in 2015

Posted by : Under : Internet Marketing Services 2 Comments

The world of social media is under constant change and there is hardly any doubt about it. Till a few years back, spending time on social media was considered to be an absolute time waster but, today even businesses are utilizing social media to evolve and fulfill their business goals. 2014 witnessed the growth and evolution of some exciting new trends in social media which is expected to continue in the year 2015 along with the inception of interesting new trends. Here’s a look at some of the...
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08 Jan / 2015

Why Video Marketing is Essential for Promoting Your Business

Posted by : Under : Internet Marketing Services 2 Comments

If you are looking for effective ways to quickly expand your business, and sell more than what you are presently selling, adding a video promotion to your marketing mix is a must. Videos have become an important element for a successful marketing mix as social media has redefined marketing. Conventional advertising is still very much a part of the marketing principles that businesses follow to promote their brand. But, the internet has revolutionized marketing and proved how online promotion...
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05 Jan / 2015

Achieve More Sales with Your Social Media Campaigns

Posted by : Under : Internet Marketing Services 2 Comments

Social media has definitely caught the world by storm. In the age of smartphones and tablets, people are offered plethora choices when it comes to choosing a social media platform. Starting from Facebook to Twitter to professional networks like LinkedIn, the options are plenty. Such has been the impact of these social media platforms that even businesses have started to utilize them for better marketing of their products and/or services. Reaching the target audience with the help of social m...
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13 Sep / 2014

How Corporate Identity is Defined by Social Media

Posted by : Under : Corporate Identity Design, Internet Marketing Services 2 Comments

Social media is the buzzword these days providing people with a way to interact with each other even, while on the go. It has gradually overtaken mainstream media and has quickly become the preferred choice of millions of people around the world. Apart from being a hip thing, search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. use data from various social networking websites so as to determine how high your website should be ranked. As a result, platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. have ...
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