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How to Increase Conversions through Content Marketing

  • 13 Nov / 2017
Conversions through Content Marketing

Are you one of those content creators who writes brilliant content that gets many likes? Are you of the opinion that getting likes is the be all and end all of content marketing strategy. Well, let me politely remind you that is not exactly the case, for marketing through content creation is about converting your readers into generating revenue. Sounds farfetched or unrealistic? Not quite! For unless your content brings in revenue it would become unsustainable in the long run. So, what needs to be done? Is there a way out of this situation?

Yes, and it is about creating suitable content that generates leads for you. Let’s discuss the ways one by one.

-Know your readers:

Many content creators generate content that appeals mostly to them or to their peers. Although it is understandable that you should be the first person to like your content not to speak of your peers, you should however do a little research on your target readers well. The research should be about knowing their profile including age group, gender, profession, marital status, and interests. The style of writing and layout of content should appeal to your readers and should not be of ‘one size fits all’ types. For example, writing for students should not be similar to writing for businesses.

-Use content marketing strategies:

Once you have identified what your readers want make use of targeted keywords in the content. These types of keywords tell you what your customers want and if used in a proper context, can end up generating proper leads. Moreover, to drive customers towards your site use other content marketing strategies like email, videos, infographics, webcasts or audio and aim at securing a loyal customer base. Yes, this shall eventually work to generate revenue though not overnight.

Developing an effective content marketing strategy requires adequate experience and expertise in the realm of digital marketing. If you don’t have much exposure in the field or want to focus mainly on your business, consider engaging professional content marketing services. The experts will ensure better results in a relatively less time.

-Get well meaning landing pages:

As your landing page is the first one to be visited by the reader it should be well meaning. This means it should have a catchy title and an engaging content to increase his or her interest. The focus should be on ensuring the page is high on usability as well as aesthetics. The graphics used should be light enough to load faster for otherwise a delay in loading of a landing page can put off customers and decrease the conversion rate.

-Create topics that address customers’ problems:

Here’s a useful trick revealed by a leading digital marketing agency India. You should play into your customers’ psyche by creating content that answers their questions. This helps in conversion as customers are already in a buying state of mind due to their quest for answers. For example, customers might want to know the following –

While addressing customer queries make sure to create an engaging content to arouse interest. However, don’t reveal all the answers and leave a scope like ‘call to action’ button that your customers will feel compelled to use.


In the highly competitive digital media where customers have a limited attention span, the use of smart digital marketing strategies can help companies to generate leads and increase conversions.

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