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28 Jan / 2020

Clash of BigCommerce and Shopify – Who Is the Winner?

E-commerce website design services

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With about 80% of people shopping online (source: Net Imperative), E-commerce websites can drive high revenue to the owners. In fact, 99Firms predicts, global E-commerce sales can cross $4 trillion by the end of 2020. This makes it imperative for the aspiring entrepreneurs and merchants to bring their stores online. (Have we mentioned that the global share of M-commerce in all E-commerce may rise to 72.9% by 2021. Are you still wondering why a mobile app is important for your E-commerce site?) ...
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13 Jun / 2018

The Best eCommerce Platforms For Online Store Development

eCommerce Platform For An Online Store

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“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it is the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time,” David Allan Coe. The above quote explains the importance of ‘foundation’ in the construction of a building. For if the foundation is strong enough, further layers (read floors) can be added to the building. The analogy holds true for an online store development as well wherein the ‘foundation’ is the ‘platform’ a website is built upon. If the platfo...
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07 Mar / 2018

What Are The Latest eCommerce Trends That Would Rule 2018

Latest eCommerce Trends 2018

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The rise and rise of eCommerce stores have gained quite a momentum in recent years. So much so that it is becoming increasingly difficult for the brick and mortar stores to function without having to worry about the future of their business. The eCommerce stores are not only attracting the millennials as was thought to be in the prior years but Gen X too is being hugely influenced by the recent trends. The revenue earned by the sector has been staggering as is evident by the $2.3 trillion of 201...
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23 Dec / 2017

How To Reduce The Bounce Rate Of Your eCommerce Website?

5 eCommerce Mistakes To Avoid

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An eCommerce platform is arguably the best way to showcase your products and services on the internet. The only issue is that you are not alone in doing so, for there are scores of competitors targeting customers that you intend to convert. You may have a strong digital marketing strategy bringing lots of traffic to your site. But, if your sales are still not going up, the first point to check is the bounce rate of your website. What is bounce rate? This is the percentage of users who have...
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23 Nov / 2017

How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Of Help In eCommerce?

Artificial Intelligence In eCommerce

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Have you interacted with your phone by using voice commands through apps like Siri, OK Google, or Cortana or played a first person video game and wondered who is the one responding to your moves? Then it is time you ought to know about Artificial Intelligence. Yes, the term you have often associated with science fiction or robotics but not anymore, for artificial intelligence is slowly but steadily entering into our lives. There is a growing chatter in the media and other circles about how art...
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22 Nov / 2017

How Product Photography Can Enhance An eCommerce Website

eCommerce product photography

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eCommerce is becoming popular with each passing day. This is mainly to do with factors like convenience and the value for money it offers. However, as the owner of an eCommerce website you have a few challenges at hand especially when it is about attracting visitors such as - Giving customers a better user experience while they visit your website Stay ahead in competition vis-a-vis other eCommerce sites Even though eCommerce has made rapid strides across the world it has not repla...
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07 Jun / 2017

Custom or Open Source Platform: What Could be a Better Choice for an eCommerce Website?

Custom or Open Source Platform

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Having an eCommerce website for your business goes a long way in helping your endeavour be successful. Furthermore, eCommerce stores come with an added benefit of being available at one’s fingertips 24/7. In today’s digital age, thus putting your business on an eCommerce platform is one of the most opportune ways to generate higher revenue. There are primarily two methods that must be considered before developing an eCommerce portal: Custom Coding and Open Source eCommerce platforms. Deci...
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21 Apr / 2017

Top eCommerce Web Design Trends To Embrace In The Future

eCommerce web design

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In the beginning, people were so hesitant to shop online because of varied reasons. The concept was so new that they were afraid of any mishap that may occur when shopping online. The earlier eCommerce websites were not up to the mark, be it security, product preview or navigation. Moreover, the delivery services were slow. Hence, although the attractive products and offers were eye-catching, yet the users refrained from investing their hard-earned money in shopping online. However, the eCommer...
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08 Feb / 2017

Ecommerce Trends that will Dominate 2017

eCommerce Trends 2017

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1. Embrace chatbots for eCommerce. Chatbots are an increasingly dominating eCommerce trend. Companies are adopting integrated bots to enhance customer experience in shopping, making reservations, checking flights, and much more. Google Allo, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp are leading the race. Different messaging platforms worldwide are adopting chatbots like 1–800–Flowers on Facebook Messenger, H&M on the messaging platform Kik, Kip on Slack and on Wechat, to ensure a seamle...
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14 Apr / 2016

Popular E-Commerce Platforms in 2016

Popular Ecommerce platforms

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In the E-Commerce world, there is no single solution that can work for every kind of business. E-Commerce platforms help host business online. They also offer a B2B(Business to Business), B2C(Business to Consumer), C2C(Consumer to Consumer) solutions as well. The advancement in technology,consumer demands and intensifying competitions have raised the need for light-weight, powerful, innovative functionalities. Now a days, offering only an easy set up with standard features is not enough. Addi...
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