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26 Feb / 2020

Say “NO” to Shopping Cart Abandonment with 10 Pro Tips

Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment Tips

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Let’s start today’s article with a shocking report by Baymard Institute. The average shopping cart abandonment rate is 68%! Yes, you read that right! For every 100 people visiting your store, 68 of them simply walk away! Shocked enough? Now, let’s talk solution. What Can You do to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment? A lot of things actually. 1. Increase Brand Reliability With cybercrime rapidly increasing, today’s tech-savvy customers are extra-cautious. And after 7.9 b...
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19 Feb / 2016

Shopping Cart Application – 12 Fundamentals to Make It a Success

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The basic goal for a shopping cart is to sell - that may be a product or a service. Let us refer to the word ‘product’ for simplicity. Search Engine Optimization and various other marketing campaigns can lead a visitor to your shopping cart, but it is not definite that he or she will buy products from your online shop. So, what are the deciding factors those can convert that visitor into a buyer? Trends change, but the basics and the fundamentals do not. Implemented correctly, fundamentals h...
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01 Oct / 2015

10 Must Have Features of Your E-Commerce Website

shopping cart website development

Posted by : Under : Ecommerce Web Design Services, Shopping Cart Development Services 1 Comment

Having a website has become a brand identity for any retail business. It is a great marketing tool for your business. Launching an E-Commerce shopping cart website can gain you an advantage over your competitors. It will enable you to feature, distribute and sell your products or services online. It will also enable the collection of payments via secure payment networks. An E-Commerce website redefines the geographical reach of your business considerably. It will place you in the global marke...
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17 Jul / 2015

Pure Herbs – A Superb Magento Based Shopping Cart

purehurbs magento website

Posted by : Under : Shopping Cart Development Services 2 Comments

Pure Herbs is a Magento based eCommerce website developed by WebGuru. Our experienced team of qualified Magento developers has created a consumer focused eCommerce experiences to maximize online potential of the business that specializes in selling spices, herbs and tea, oil, wellness products, incense sticks and accessories, candles and cones. We believe that a sound technology platform along with ideal user experience can yield higher profits by delivering positive results. Our Magento webs...
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15 Jul / 2015

8 Benefits of Magento Website Development Services

benefits of magento development

Posted by : Under : Shopping Cart Development Services 11 Comments

The market conditions are becoming agile with changing tastes and preferences of consumers. So, it is required that you should hone your marketing skills by delivering services that are convenient, acceptable and fast. For this, you need to go for shopping cart development with Magento that offers quick browsing facilities to customers for making a purchase decision. What benefits you would get by hiring Magento website development services? Find out: Magento is Mobile Friendly Undertaking ...
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26 May / 2015

Importance of Shopping Cart Development in Ecommerce Website

ecommerce shopping cart solutions

Posted by : Under : Shopping Cart Development Services 14 Comments

The growth of the Internet as a commercial medium gave rise to a new trend - Ecommerce. It is a concept of selling and buying products through online. When launched, it was seen as a profitable opportunity for businesses to expand their operations and grow exponentially. For customers, it was a pleasure to sit on the couch, choose the products from various brands while navigating a number of ecommerce websites and put into the shopping cart. The trend rose to great heights, and today we see a dr...
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21 May / 2015

How to Bring Down Shopping Cart Abandonment?

shopping cart abandonment

Posted by : Under : Shopping Cart Development Services 2 Comments

Online retail stores have revolutionized the shopping experience of consumers. However, many shoppers abandon their online shopping carts due to complicated website navigation process. Large businesses have resources to address these issues, but the small or new start ups have to listen the music. By resuming perfect eCommerce website development, it is possible to avoid shopping cart abandonment. Research Well Before You Go for Shopping Cart Development The best way to prevent shopping ca...
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28 Nov / 2014

Things that Every Customer Expects from Your Ecommerce Store

Posted by : Under : Shopping Cart Development Services 1 Comment

Running a successful and well-rounded online business is no easy task. There are lots of things that you need to consider, in order to develop an online shopping cart that easily appeals and engages your target audience. It is important to remember that online shoppers have limited patience, short attention span and you need to make a quick impact with your online store so as to convert the maximum amount of visitors into leads. Provided are some of the things that your online store must include...
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20 Nov / 2014

Ways to Improve Conversions with a Shopping Cart Website

Posted by : Under : Shopping Cart Development Services 2 Comments

In this era of digitalization, online shopping has become a preferred choice of people over traditional shopping. Online shopping is far more convenient, comfortable and hassle free unlike, shopping at a physical store. But, things aren’t as easy as they sound because it is an extremely hard task to convert your visitors into customers through your online shopping cart website. Shopping cart abandonment is a major issue for most online merchants leaving them with more concerns and troub...
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25 Mar / 2014

Latest Trends in Shopping Cart Development 2014

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For e-commerce, shopping cart platforms are growing in options and availability. With latest development trends, technology keeps advancing and for new small business owners it is a boon. To establish e-commerce sites, many of the managed service providers offer platforms for entry-level online business with highly customizable front-end designs and configurable shopping carts. You can also avail OS Commerce or open source shopping cart platforms for free to develop your web store. As e-comm...
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