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Ecommerce In and After the Pandemic – To-Do List for Businesses

Ecommerce In and After the Pandemic – To-Do List for Businesses

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The entire humanity is shaken with the impact of the pandemic. Depending on its resource, every business is looking for an alternative strategy to survive and thrive in the trying times. It will not be a mistake to state that eCommerce seems to be the rescuer at this moment.

Today, we will take a closer look at how your business can leverage the boom in eCommerce. Excited to know something new and effective? Cool, let’s dive in then!

Proven Strategies to Power-up Your Ecommerce Business

  • Make it easy to buy at your store

Do you know the key advantage of online shopping? Convenience. People can purchase online with a few clicks without having to visit the store. Now, the number of clicks can be a determinant for a good or bad user experience.

Gone are the days when you could expect a customer to take a long time, browse your entire collection, and then make a purchase. Nowadays, people expect to get everything available at their fingertips. Reducing the steps to make a purchase will positively impact your sales. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Maintain a dedicated section for “similar items” or “products you may like”. This section will be highly personalized and based on the user behaviour at your store. This can encourage people to purchase (even an impulsive one).
  • If your store offers expensive products like electronic items, car, etc., you may facilitate an EMI option. This can trigger the millennial to purchase without spending a lump sum amount at once.
  • Clearly outline the return policy in your website and make returns hassle-free. We understand that this is a difficult issue for a small business but a stress-free return facility will encourage more people to rely on your business and purchase from your e-store.

Invest in a mobile app development

A significant amount of transactions at your e-store is made from mobile devices. Check your analytics data if you don’t believe us! Today’s shoppers prefer to shop from mobile devices on-the-go.

To leverage these shoppers, having a mobile responsive website is of paramount importance. But should you want to get closer to your potential customers and increase sales, we suggest you to engage mobile app development services and make a place in the users’ smartphones.

Craft a native or hybrid app and capitalize on the native device features like camera, geolocation, etc. Accessing these features will further enhance the convenience and engagement at your e-store. Users prefer to use a mobile app instead of a website for easier accessibility and if you want to take a progressive step, developing a mobile app can be a smart move.

Marketing is essential, not merely an option

Cutting expenditure is a brilliant move during the uncertain times, but marketing is not the department where you can slack some budget. In fact, it’s time to double your investment in marketing. During the pandemic, many industry leaders lost their anchor, many small businesses couldn’t even survive and several new start-ups flourished. If you analyze, the credit of their prosperity unanimously goes to marketing.

When you have brought your store online, you must want to sprout its maximum potential? What’s the point of crafting an eCommerce website or mobile app if you cannot drive enough visitors and conversion? So make sure to invest in digital marketing services from the very beginning.

You can capitalize on diverse components of digital marketing including search engine optimization, PPC management, social media marketing to drive brand awareness, visibility, traffic and even conversions.

If you have a presence on Instagram, leverage the full potential of the platform. Instagram allows you to mention your website in the bio section but don’t stop at that. Ensure to link your products in each post so that the visitors can tap the shopping bag on the image and directly purchase. This increases the purchase rate.

Focus on a top-notch UI/UX

We have said it earlier and we will say it again, user experience is the ultimate determinant for the success of your eCommerce business. Don’t let UX kill conversion at your e-store. An age-old product catalogue or slow loading speed will not only increase the bounce rate but the visitors may never return to your site. A modern UI design and superb UX trigger reliability. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Optimize the loading speed so that the users can easily browse your entire collection.
  • Make sure that your product catalogue is out-of-the-box yet intuitive. It should encourage people to check out the product range.
  • The home page is an ideal place to showcase the product types and best offers running on in your store. Feature your coupon codes to allure people grab the deal.
  • Make sure to integrate a guest checkout option. It will reduce people’s hassles to sign up and thus reduce the funnel. Once the order is placed, you may ask them to create an account on your store.
  • If you can leverage AI, you may integrate features like in-app camera and allow people to try the products virtually. Lenskart to Nykaa – industry giants are doing it in style. It’s time to get inspired by them.

There are several other tricks to increase engagement on your store and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Way Forward

COVID-19 had an immense adverse impact on every aspect of our lives but thankfully, eCommerce has flourished beyond imagination. If you are yet to bring your store online, it’s high time to engage a reliable eCommerce website development company, craft a digital destination and increase your sales.

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