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How To Make A Logo For Your Company – Webguru Infosystems

  • 24 Dec / 2019
Logo Design

Are you a start-up looking to get a head start in your business niche? The first thing you should consider is creating a strong brand identity, which would set you apart from others. This is where designing a logo comes into play for giving your brand the much needed visibility. Remember, in the highly competitive business landscapes of today, unless your brand has a recognizable ‘face’, you will find it difficult to achieve traction from your target customers. Just one glance at the ‘half bitten apple’ or a stylish ‘M’ is enough to recognize the brands they represent. These iconic logos are a testimony to the popularity of the brands and make us wonder – is designing a logo that simple? The answer is an emphatic NO as logo designers should have an eye for detail or should we say, art.

A logo can generate instant brand recall and greatly influence your target customers’ attitude towards your brand. So, how to zero in on the perfect logo that can be your brand identity, today and tomorrow? Let us take you through the ways to create a powerful logo for your company. The insight will be helpful whether you create the logo in-house or hire logo design services to do so. No matter what approach you take, the logo should ultimately create intrigue in the minds of your target audience.

Ideas to consider while creating a logo for your company

Creating an impactful logo is not a piece of cake and requires due diligence. The ideas to consider while designing an impactful logo for your company are:

# Brand ideology: Let’s put it simple. What thoughts come to your mind when you think about your brand, yes, the very first flash of images? Use these images as your springboard to create a meaningful logo. Do take care of the niche as the aesthetics, colour scheme, and design should not be seen as something out of place. Since a logo represents the digital identity of your business, it should convey the right meaning for your brand. Let your logo be guided by a story, one that has a purpose, depth, and perfectly fits into your niche. For example, in one of our blogs, we have shown a range of logos with different brand ideologies. Just take a look at our logo designs and get a better insight.

# Do colours matter?: Colours have the power to gain traction from your audience. So, choose one that can go with your brand. For example, if your enterprise is into the niche of social service, then going for strong neon or bright colours may be off-putting. The enterprise may select muted tones to highlight elegance and simplicity. Remember, every colour in the palette has its impact, which may or may not sync with your brand. A red colour, for example, exudes power, energy, excitement, and passion. On the other hand, the orange colour can signify courage, confidence, innovation, warmth and friendliness. Thus, choose a colour that can resonate with your brand and create an instant connect with your potential customers.

# Unique logo creating an impression: The primary objective of your logo is to attract the target audience and create an impression on them. In fact, you should aim at establishing trust with logo design in the very first attempt and not let time decide your fate. The first and foremost criterion in achieving the same is to create a unique logo based on a fresh concept. Needless to say, the logo design should be better than your competitors to attract attention.

# Fonts do matter: Choosing typefaces randomly can negatively impact your brand’s personality. Let us understand it with an example. Choosing fonts for a toy company and a rock band should be different as they have different brand personalities. The logos of McDonald’s, Google, or Coca Cola are recognizable by their custom fonts. So, ensure the typeface used in your logo does not appear out of place with your brand story. If so, it can send wrong signals to your target customers. You can create custom fonts or choose the ones available on the internet.

# Include the company’s name?: Do you want your logo to include your company’s name as well? This can help in brand advertisement as you need not spend much on publicizing your brand separately. Just think of the logos of IBM, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or RayBan. However, choosing only a symbol as your logo (like Apple’s half bitten apple) would mean spending money, resources, and time in generating awareness about your brand. So, should you be a start-up, it would hold your brand in good stead if your logo has your company’s name as well.

# Scalable: Once you come up with a logo, it is likely to feature on various promotional media – flyers, brochures, websites, festoons, and billboards, among others. So, ensure your logo is scalable and looks impressive across the advertisement media. This is important, for if the logo does not have a sense of proportion it will look odd and not visible enough to grab eyeballs.


Creating a unique brand identity through a logo can help your business gain visibility, awareness, and impact. The use of colours, fonts, and types should convey the brand message clearly and be specific to your brand’s personality. So, should you be looking at creating a powerful, unique, and attractive logo that resonates with your brand, then hire any experienced logo design company India.

Raju Chakraborty

Raju Chakraborty

The CEO of WebGuru Infosystems, Mr. Raju Chakraborty writes from a place of experience on websites, app development, and digital marketing.


  1. Designing a logo is a difficult job because the logo is the face of any website. A logo must be appealing and it should describe you. The points you have shared are really good, I think we all should keep these points in mind while designing a logo. Thank you for sharing these points.

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  3. Awesome article about Logo Designing. Wating for more articles about logo designing and branding. Looking for more in the future.

  4. Thank You for these amazing tips.Your article is very informative and i guess it will help me in desiging a Logo.

  5. Make sure your fonts reflect your brand in an authentic way; for instance, rounded fonts evoke a friendly feeling, whimsical fonts evoke an air of playfulness, and bold fonts create a strong impression.

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    Graphic design firms that can maintain a professional relationship with clients while providing high-quality graphics for any size business or enterprise are successful.

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