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How To Proceed With Local SEO To Spell Success

How To Proceed With Local SEO To Spell Success

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In the race to stand 1st in local search results, one must use some tactics. It is like playing a chess game. However, many companies have yet to accumulate all their chessman on the board to win the game.

Consumers seek out numerous products typically in local brick and mortar stores. If you own such a business, you are lucky if you appear in Google or Bing search result, because Google and Bing are very much bias toward business category names.

However, in several instances stores have a great many diverse products and brands which are not shown in their business name or business categories. In such cases, you are required to optimize for products in local SEO strategy.

It requires a different approach to rank for local search than what you would conventionally do to rank a website. This confuses many people and makes them wonder how is it possible to get their site to page one.

First, let’s see why local SEO Services is different than normal SEO Services.

Regular SEO Vs Local SEO – How are They Different?

Regular SEO

  • Search Engine Optimization or Global SEO includes procedures that make a website search engine friendly
  • SEO drives organic traffic and increases online visibility of the website
  • Two prime areas of focus – on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO focuses on several aspects like the page title; meta tags; URL structure; sitemap, page content etc. Off-page SEO improves the online visibility of websites through various tools and techniques like viral marketing; link building; social media marketing.

Local SEO

  • When a company focuses on market segmentation, then the respective company website should concentrate more on driving traffic from the targeted territory.
  • Local SEO is done for the purpose of optimizing a website for improved ranking for the local searches.
  • Local SEO services usually include additional techniques like Google business listing, page optimization based on location based keywords.

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Important Areas to be Focused

  • On-Page SEO
    1. Use your location (State or City in the landing pages)
    2. If you have a mobile optimized; user-friendly website with unique and sharable content, then it is recommended that you build your domain authority carefully that will help with your ranking in the future.
    3. Mention detailed address on your Home page and rest of the pages so that Google and other major search engines know that you are a local based business
    4. Using ALT text for images is one of the
      strategies of local SEO which is similar to regular SEO. Through this you can target some keywords that users type to search for any service/ product that you offer
    5. According to Google’s new mobile algorithm, your site must be mobile friendly
    6. Write fresh blog contents with long tailed keywords, and then promote them on Google +
  • Correct Google+ Local Listing
    Consider Google as your Big Daddy. Tackle this listing first and with utmost correctness. Try to get legitimate reviews on Google + and this will help you to rank better. So, go ahead and ask your clients to give nice reviews.
  • Local City in Buisness Name
    Adding the name of the city to your business name will fetch you good ranks in Google’s Local Search. Although, this lowers the brand impact, but serves its purpose otherwise.

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  1. Jenifer says:

    Local SEO is now a crucial aspect to every business and brand. Locally optimized businesses experience long-term success across search engines.

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    Local SEO increases your prospect and chances of identifying your business in local search results.

  3. Jack Gray says:

    Successful Local SEO is essential to make your business a real success. Thanks for establishing this fact beautifully in the blog!

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