Our Range of Android Application Development Services

We address all your Android application development needs. Take a look at the following passages to know our suite of services.

Custom App Development

Looking to craft spectacular and user-friendly Android apps? We offer you diverse tailor-made solutions that run seamlessly across all Android devices. Our expert team have successfully created numerous customized apps for cross-industry verticals within quick turnaround time. We efficiently address the specific business requisites of small and large enterprises.

Stunning UI/UX

We take pride in possessing extensive experience in UI/UX design. Blending futuristic designs and unparalleled functionality, we create power-packed and reliable applications that render a superb user experience. Hire dedicated Android app developers from us to bring your innovative idea into reality and give your business a new boost.

Feature Extension

We support your business growth. These days, entrepreneurs seek to launch an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to achieve a competitive edge and then go on to add features and functionalities as per business requirement. We ensure to offer a scalable mobility solution and can also integrate 3rd party APIs to extend the existing features.


Our team works with dexterity while executing Google Play Store deployment. We diligently handle the entire app submission process that involves description, asset listing, etc. to enhance its presence in the app store.

App Testing

We perform rigorous testing to check for bugs and ensure to deliver a glitch-free, market-ready application. Functionality, usability, features, accessibility – we test the entire spectrum of your app. We relentlessly work to ensure that your application is highly functional across multiple devices and delivers a smooth UX.

Support & Maintenance

Regular maintenance is a part of keeping your app agile and user-friendly at all time. We offer extensive support to ensure your business success. From security review to upgrades, UI changes to bug tracking & fixing, technology tweaks to user-side problem solving – we deliver it all. You focus on your core business development while we optimize your app’s performance.

Benefits of Our Android App Development Services

Android comprises of a huge share of the mobile app market all over the world. Professional Android app development services can be used to leverage the power of this platform to reach a wide audience. Consider the following benefits of engaging our service:

Creativity at its Best

Our developers are efficient in crafting spectacular and engaging app. With the rising competition in the market, only a creative and user-friendly app can stand out from the crowd.

Customized User Interface

Instead of using a generic template, we customize the application as per your business niche and requirements. That way, we ensure that the app totally represents your brand.

Updated with the Latest Technologies

With the advancement in the tech realm, it’s necessary to keep updated with the trends so as to avoid technical glitches. We stay abreast of the major updates of the Android platform to create a robust app.

Scalable Apps

We offer scalable mobility solutions for start-ups, SMBs and enterprises. That way, there’s a scope of constant growth and feature & functionality extension in your application.

Our Expertise

Shopping App

We have created an Android app for instaGin. The app allows the customers to place orders from the listed shops and get these delivered right at the doorstep. It lets users buy apparels, grocery, medicines, accessories, electronic gadgets, sports equipment etc.

Health & Fitness App

We developed a fitness app for Athlexa. It allows users to search a registered gym nearby, check out free and premium training videos, participate in various exercise competitions, win exciting rewards, upload practice videos, view workout videos uploaded by the trainers, and perform many more activities.

eCommerce App

We developed a robust Android app for Shibani. It allows the users to buy groceries without any hassles. The users can browse the products, check their price, add to the cart, and checkout using a secure payment gateway (PayUMoney).

Advanced App Development – That’s What We Do

Android Architecture Pattern

We recommend and use the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) pattern. Model abstracts data source to acquire and save data, View informs about the users’ activity and ViewModel reveals the stream of data. Thus, it creates a balanced ecosystem to maintain codes and enhance readability.

GPS Integration

Depending on your requirement, we can add a GPS feature in your app. This ensures an ease of navigation. It is highly user-friendly and can give you a competitive edge over other applications.

Push Notifications

Push notification is a great way to attract users to open the app. Through this, you can promote new stock and discount offers, remind the users to check out their saved cart, ask them to perform a scheduled task, and so on. This is a highly useful digital marketing feature and we can add it in your app.

Data persistence with Room for SQLite

By persisting data, you can offer a seamless user experience on your app – even when they are offline. The most common usage is to cache relevant data. Room offers an abstraction layer on SQLite to enable fluent access to the database while leveraging the full-scale potential of SQLite.

Payment Gateways

These days, users prefer convenience over anything. Payment gateway integration takes users’ convenience to the next level as they can easily pay through the app and go cashless. This is also helpful for your business as it helps to streamline the revenue process. We can integrate popular payment gateways in your app.

Social Media Integration

Integrating social media platforms in your business app is helpful as users can check out your digital marketing efforts. Also, they can share your application on their profiles, thereby promoting your business. Rely on our experts to integrate social media portals on your app.

Handling Android Sensors

Android devices have inbuilt sensors to measure orientation, motion, and various environmental conditions. These powerful sensors provide precise and accurate data. We ensure that your app leverages these sensors to infer complex gestures and motions like rotation, tilt, shake, etc. Similarly, a weather app may use temperature and humidity sensor, a travel app may use a geomagnetic field sensor and accelerometer.

Communicating over BLE & NFC

NFC or near-field communication works on a two-way principle and enables devices to interact with each other. BLE signals can pass through walls or other barriers that often obstruct Wi-FI and cell signals. Our applications can communicate over BLE and NFC to ensure seamless usability. NFC is specifically useful for the apps that feature indoor navigation.


Makes Us A Top-Rated Android App Development Company in India

A Proven Work Approach

We follow a step-by-step procedure in developing the apps to maintain a steady pace and provide you with on-time, on-budget services. Here’s the process we follow:


We Listen to your ideas, interpret them technologically and develop accordingly.


We create impeccable app UI/UX designs to stun the crowd.


Equipped with the latest technologies, we develop exclusive native apps for the Android platform.


We have some professional testers in our midst who test the apps for bugs and other issues before delivering them to you.


Our job does not end with the launch of your Android app on Google Play. We make sure to promote it in the search and social media.


We also offer top-notch maintenance & support for bug fixing, updating, and other issues, if any.

Webguru Infosystems is an ISO 9001:2015 cerfied company provides quality web and mobility solutions. Hire Android developers from us to increase the number of mobile customers and enhance awareness of your brand.

Why Choose Us as A Trusted Android App Development Partner

Being a reliable Android app development company, we assure you of the following:

Skilled developers

We employ only experienced Android app developers and don’t work with amateur freelancers. So you can expect a robust end-to-end mobility solution.


We work with dedication and integrity and maintain complete transparency across the work scope. Rest assured that no hidden charge will burden you.

Competitive Rate

We offer industry-standard solution for small, mid, and enterprise-scale businesses at a competitive rate. Discuss your requirement with us to get a free quote.

Quick Turnaround Time

We know that launching an application in the market as soon as possible gives a competitive edge. That’s why we deliver a high-quality service within quick turnaround time.

Android App Development – Frequently Asked Questions

Clear your confusions before engaging Android app development services from us. If you still have any doubt, feel free to reach us.

Absolutely. We develop fully compatible Android apps that seamlessly perform on previous and the latest Android versions.

We have lots of advanced tools at our disposal. Some of them are as follow:

  • AVD Manager
  • Fabric
  • Android SDK
  • ADB (Android Debug Bridge)
  • Android Studio
  • Instabug
  • LeakCanary
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Gradle
  • Proguard

...and more!

Other than developing and deploying an app, we optimize it for Google Play Store and offer full-spectrum digital marketing services. That way, your app can drive higher visibility, brand awareness, and installations.

The cost of app development depends on various factors like the number and complexity of the features, UI design, scale of the app, etc. Instead of offering a generic service, our solutions are custom-built. So you can pay for just what you need. You can intimate your requirements and get a FREE quote.

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