Partner with an Agile Angular Application Development Company

As a pioneer Angular application development company in India, we deliver a suite of Angular development services as follow:

Application Development

We can develop robust and feature-rich applications for different business verticals.


Equipped with creativity and technical expertise, our professionals can offer vibrant, visually appealing, and intuitive UI/UX and development services.

Custom Module Development

We can build useful modules and widgets as per your requirement to improve your application’s functionality and user-friendliness.

API Integration

We offer enterprise-oriented and high-performing API (Application Programming Interface) integration service to help you deliver a superb user experience.

Maintenance & Support

We offer flexible engagement models to support your regular or on-demand maintenance needs.

Angular Version Upgrade

In the rapidly changing technological landscape, following the latest web app standard is of paramount importance. We can seamlessly upgrade your application to the latest version.


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Tech Stack We Use

MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack



VanillaJS,  AJAX  &  jQuery

VanillaJS, AJAX & jQuery





Feature-Rich Angular Framework

The features and benefits of using Angular for front-end development are as follow:

  • The efficient design architecture in Angular makes the process of developing large applications real easy.

  • Angular’s locale aware filters and stemming directives help to localize an app interface as per the market.

  • Equipped with various built-in services and XHR, Angular ensures a strong server communication.

  • Dependency injection pattern helps the developers to define various components & replace unfit ones easily.

  • Angular is considered to be one of the most powerful frameworks for developing a Single Page Application (SPA).

  • With large number of libraries, Angular helps to build highly functional progressive web apps.

Why Hire Dedicated Angular Developers from Us

Once you hire dedicated Angular developers from WebGuru Infosystems, you can expect the following:

Experienced Developers

Our dev team can take your project to the next level. We ensure that the end solution is fast loading, highly secure and easy to maintain.

On-Demand Service

Adopting the advanced trends in Angular web development, innovative strategies, and proactive approach, we can deliver cutting-edge web solutions.

Code Review

Our experts conduct frequent code reviews to ensure speed, security, scalability, and excellent performance of your application.

Competitive Rate

Irrespective of a small business or a large enterprise, squandering resources is never intended. That’s why we provide Angular application development services at a competitive rate.


You can rest assured that you’ll not be burdened with any hidden charge. We also maintain a flawless communication and keep you updated with the work progress.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our agile team can meet any challenging deadline with utmost dedication, sincerity, and consistency.

Hire India’s Top-Rated Angular Developers at Your Convenience

Our flexible engagement model is based on our zero-complaint work approach. You can hire India’s top-rated Angular developers as per your business requirement.

Full Time

Duration: 22 x 8 working hours Billing: Monthly

Part Time

Duration: 22 x 4 working hours Billing: Monthly


Duration: As per your requirement Billing: Weekly

Project Based

Duration: As per project scope Billing: Milestone based payment

Hire Angular Developers - Frequently Asked Questions

Before you hire Angular developers from WebGuru Infosystems, resolve your queries. Should you have any more doubts, feel free to talk to our experts.

The advantages of Angular web development include browser compatibility, reusability of codes, reduced time to market, reduced development cost, and REST-friendliness. All these benefits make the framework ideal for enterprise web app development.

Further, the Angular framework is unit test ready. Unit testing helps in detecting bugs, improving the quality of the codes, facilitating and simplifying integration, and overall easing the documentation process. No wonder that this front-end web development framework is a personal favourite to most of the developers across the world.

Angular is highly recommended and used while crafting enterprise web apps. These days, enterprises prefer to craft single-page applications and Angular greatly powers an SPA development. With its data binding capability, it easily supplements HTML. This offers the users a seamless, responsive, and enriching navigating experience.

In fact, numerous popular and traffic-driven web apps like Netflix, Upwork, iStock Photo, PayPal, Gmail, Amazon, etc. are built using Angular framework.

Angular uses Plain Old JavaScript Objects or POJO. This means that the developers don’t have to include other elements to bind Angular with data sources. The POJO model provides with spontaneous and well-planned objects. This model greatly enhances the usability and readability of a programme.

Data binding refers to the synchronization between model and view. Here, the model refers to the JS variables and the view refers to the HTML. Angular enables the developers to craft a template that can easily bind several view components with diverse models. Therefore, with the change in the view components or the value of an HTML, the value of the bound model also changes. The two-way data binding simplifies the web app’s presentation layer and ensures a clean user interface.

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