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Want to Know Our Team Better? Well, Here You Are!

Do you know what makes us different from others? At Webguru Infosystems, we know how to strike the right balance between work and life. We believe the key to success is enjoying life as much as we enjoy our work. Here, you will meet our team and see a collection of pictures showing what working with us looks & feels like. Right from delivering on our promises to meeting turnaround and hearing our clients out – we do it all with sincerity and happiness.

Our Office Space Buzzing with Activities…
A Glimpse of One of Our Conferences…
Our Industrial Training Programme…
Being Focused. Being Productive.
Always in Action & Full Focus on Every Task at Hand!
Our Workplace – Lightened up with Joy & Decorations
Embracing the Spirit of Durga Puja With Our Close-Knit Team
All Prepped! It’s Time for Some Fun & Outing
Traditional Vibes at the Onset of the Durga Puja Festival
Future Focus at 2k20
The CEO Moment – In Conversation with Visitors at the Indiasoft 2018 Event
When Meeting People Opens the Door to New Business Possibilities……..
Women’s Day in Office – Here’s to all the Strong Women of Our Team!
Quarterly Performance Review Meeting – Assessment for Betterment
Debate and Discussion in Full Swing………
We Like Outing as much as We Like Working!!
Strengthening Bonds with Team Building Outings
New Year Celebrations with Our Chieftains!
Cherishing the Spirit of Durga Puja with Our Webguru Members
Creating Fun Memories with Teammates
The Webguru Family Going Traditional on Durga Puja