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04 Aug / 2012

Blog Customization Can Lead to Better Commenting from Readers

blog customization

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Blogging is just too common on the World Wide Web, and, most experienced web professionals have a blog of their own. However, no matter how well-written a blog is, it seems incomplete without quality comments. Getting them, steering clear from spams and comments that are posted solely for the sake of promotional reasons, can be very difficult. This article will offer some information on how to get good commenting on your blog. Do not DoFollow - First of all, it is true that blog customization...
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23 Jul / 2012

Negative Blog Comments and Your Credibility as a Writer

blog commenting

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Writers often get offended when someone writes a negative comment against their article. They think that other readers will consider him a fool and mock him for his mistakes. I saw some corporate blogs that accept only positive comments due to the same worry. A writer must understand that “comments” are nothing but users’ feedback. They have the right to both praise and criticize author’s work. Sometimes in a good article, the blogger may miss some important points and when a visitor ...
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28 Oct / 2010

4 Latest Blog Design Trends For Aspiring and Addicted Bloggers

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Blog is probably the most happening platform in the virtual world since millions of people are using this platform for posting news, articles, pictures and many more interesting stuffs. So, there is no wonder that tons of blog design trends are out there and all of them are trying their level best to grab the attention of the readers. Blogs have definitely graduated from being a mere medium of publishing fresh articles to something highly interesting and engaging. It is fast emerging out as one ...
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20 Jul / 2010

Elements of An Outstanding Blog: Unleash The Power Of Blogging

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Designing an outstanding blog is not something that can be done in a jiffy. It is not just about positioning different website design elements or making a deliberate attempt to copy and paste a blog template. It far more complicated and requires a higher level of authority on different designing tools otherwise, things may take an ugly turn. As you are planning something big with your design blog this time around, you need to make it as magnificent and as elegant as possible. You can draw inspir...
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10 Jun / 2009

Make your Blog More Popular with Proper Marketing

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Nowadays blogs have become a very popular medium on Internet to express thoughts and ideas and to share views. There are numerous blog writers as there are blog readers. After this new medium has become popular worldwide, many people have started creating their own blogs. Beside personal blogs, this medium is also used for promoting the products and services of a company. The readers and prospective buyers can access latest information from these company blogs. But the marketing of a blog is ve...
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07 May / 2009

Blog Design and Customization Tips

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Blog design and customization is the latest happening thing in the online industry, which has flourished due to the interactive and flexible nature of blogs. Blogs are generally maintained by individual, organization or corporate companies to interact with their followers and to bolster their online presence. As the popularity of blog has shoot up dramatically, more and more bloggers are trying to personalize their blogs according to their exact need. If you really want to personalize your blog ...
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