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03 Jun / 2009

Factors Influencing Corporate Identity

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There is no doubt in the fact that in today’s world of commercialization, corporate identity is one of the key requirements for any business firm. Even it is observed that a comparatively smaller organization with a strong corporate identity can expect to have better success than its strong competitor. You may have established a small organization and is not sure how to get acceptance from people. Do not worry; put all your labor to create a favorable brand image. In no time you will see a ne...
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27 May / 2009

Corporate Identity – Identifying a Business Presence

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A successful business name is easily recognized among the target market if it has established its corporate identity. A corporate identity does not only involve popularizing the company logo but it comprises some other supporting elements. The corporate identity of any business comprises corporate behavior, corporate designs and corporate communications. The corporate behavior reflects the norms and ethics followed in the company whereas a company establishes its corporate communication through ...
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14 May / 2009

Points to be remembered while designing a Corporate Identity

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Corporate identity is basically the persona of a business enterprise. In order to give corporate identity to a commercial organization, graphic elements are used. The visual elements like, posters, fonts, letterheads and logo are indeed important parts of a corporate identity. In the true sense, corporate identity allows a consistent visual presence for an organization and has the ability to reinforce a brand’s image. This is probably the reason why most of the well-known companies give so mu...
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